Sword Art Online Photoshoot

I don’t cross-dress very often but only because I often feel I will do the character injustice and because I’m too lazy to make costumes hahaha. But by buying costumes, I feel like I am now more able to expand my cosplay genres and focus on enjoying ‘character-playing’. I’ve been wanting to cosplay Kirito since I first caught Sword Art Online. It’s a pity the story went downhill after the first arc but you have to agree with me, Kirito was mighty kakoii (and too much of an overkill LOL) !

So after delaying this for a few years, I finally got the chance to cosplay Kirito. I was finally able to push this cosplay to fruition thanks to Yuanie who generously lent me both of Kirito’s swords. The swords really had me procrastinating ^_^;  Sadly I don’t have an Asuna but oh well, you can’t always have what you want! Super thanks to Nik the photographer and Amelia for helping me so much through out the day.


Kirito: Kaika/ Elpheal
Photo: Nik
Assistance: Amelia
Edit: Kaika/Elpheal

One of the hardest part about this shoot was finding the right place to shoot SAO. Unfortunately there’s no floating castle in Singapore so we went with a fortress/ castle vibe instead.  Since it was a solo photo shoot, the only thing we could do were basically poser-like shots.


But because I really wanted my photos to reflect the action of the series and the character, we had to make the photographs more dynamic; that means a lot of cape flinging hahaha. Pretty much every pose here, has been taken up to 10 times each, minimally *sweats*. Any cosplayer who has done similar shoots before will understand the agony. The time your cape floats beautifully is the instant your eyes closes or your sword/accessories/props goes out of frame. It's difficult to achieve a good photo but the outcome can be very satisfying especially when a lot of people put in the effort to make everything come together.


Amelia took this gif when I was twirling around to create an action shot haha. Please excuse the beige ballet flats here xD.


_NIK0997 edit2

A quiet moment in Aincrad. 




I hope you guys enjoyed the photographs! We had a lot of fun creating them ! LEave me a comment and let me know what you think!


exalt said…
The swords look very cool. Could I ask where was the location? Rare to see such kind of sights in Singapore.
Kyahhh! Nice!! :3 your Kirito looks awesome~
Hoshi said…
Hello, I'm a cosplay lover but quite amateur. This blog is very interesting and good for the beginners, I wanna know if I can translate this article into Spanish and reblog it in the

official blog of cosplaysky.es , now I'm trying to making cosplay costumes ;)
@Exalt : Fort Canning

@Meganekko : Thanks >///<

@Hoshi : I don't think there is a need to translate this article into another language as it is not a tutorial> This is a photo sharing blog entry. I do not permit using of TheCosplayChronicle's contents (Photos, videos, blog articles) anywhere else unless it is a redirected link (like a facebook link share). Thank you for your understanding
Bung Wap said…
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Bill Peter said…
Wow, so cool !!!!!!!!!!

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