Full Metal Alchemist Live Action Movie!

It has been recently announced that our beloved Elric brothers will be coming to life in a film adaptation! Yes, Full Metal Alchemist will be having a Live Action Movie made!




For readers not yet familiar with this title, this is a Japanese manga created by Hiromu Arakawa that spanned 27 Manga volumes. It also have 10 Light novel volumes under it’s belt. It  was turned into not one, but two animation series  with 2 more animated movies and numerous merchandise in tow. It’s a blockbuster series that has influence even till date!




According to the source, Fumihiko Sori, director of Ping Pong and Ashita no Joe will direct the film. Popular Hey!Say!Jump! member Ryosuke Yamada will be in the film as our beloved blonde shortie, Edward Elric . No news yet of who Alphonse Elric will be casted to. It seemed like the production will only be animating Alphonse’s armour with CGI. It is informed that Italy will be set as the backdrop for this film and the entire team will be filming it there this summer 2016. To recreate the fantasy element of alchemy, heavy CGI will be used.



Director Fumihiko Sori




Yamada Ryosuke as Edward Elric.



I haven’t been following Yamada Ryosuke’s performance so I’m not sure what to make of this production. What do you guys feel? Do you think Yamada is up for the task? Do you think this is a film the Japanese production crew should take up or should Hollywood have done it instead? Share your opinions with me in the comments below!



Source: Crunchyroll


Anonymous said…
i think Yamada is quite fit for the role. his acting skills are great especially in this genre. :D

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