How to make your own Boy Lash!

Famous Japanese cosplay wig and accessories brand, Assist Wig came up with a new cosplay product a couple of months back. They called it the “Boys Lash”.  It was created to allow cosplayers to emulate the beautiful yet cool look sported by our favourite Anime and Manga boys. Unlike the usual fake lashes that curls up, Assist Wig’s Boys Lash are voluminous and straight. Check out Assist Wig’s website if you’re interested in nabbing one for yourself.

I am here however, to show you how you can make your own Boys Lash!


I actually first started straightening my own fake lashes in 2014 for my Mononoke Hime Photoshoot. Yes! I did it even before Assist Wigs! It might be a little hard to tell because our photos were more focused on story-telling and less on portaiture. But I did it again for my recent Natsume Takashi Cosplay.

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You probably wouldn’t have guessed I was wearing fake lashes!

I’m sure you are puzzled why fake lashes should even be used for crossdressing. I’m technically supposed to be a guy right? Guys don’t wear fake lashes right?? Yes, guys don’t (usually) wear fake lashes in real life. But Anime/Manga males usually have effeminate feature, mesmerising eyes and well, ridiculously long lashes. Not to mention having more eyelashes just looks more photogenic!

So here’s what you need to make your very own straight eyelashes.

Tools &Materials needed

  • A pair of fake lashes
  • A flat iron/hair straightener
  • Tweezer


  1. All you need to do is hold your lashes with the tweezer to prevent burning yourself.
  2. Then straighten it with your flat iron/hair straightener. Be careful when you’re straightening it as the result of this activity varies according to the quality of your lash and how hot your straightener gets. I couldn’t control the temperature of my straightener so I turned off the power after a while and worked with just the remaining heat.  if the heat is too high, it can burn and melt your fake lashes. I burnt a pair before realising my straightener was just too hot.
  3. I haven’t tried doing it with an iron (the type you iron clothes with ) but I think it should work too albeit it will be harder to prevent burning.

I hope you guys found this tutorial helpful. If it did, remember to give me a thumbs up, subscribe and share it with your friends. I’d really appreciate it ^_^!


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