White Valentines with my Mom: Naruto & Kushina Cosplay Shoot

It's White Valentine's today in my part of the world! Let's celebrate it with some family love (what?)!

*click the photos to enlarge*

Uzumaki Naruto: Kaika
Uzumaki Kushina: Neo Claira

Photo: Ash Neko
Edits: Kaika

We had this shoot earlier in February but the photos took a while to process ^^;

Are you feeling as much FEELS as we are now? Anyone feel like squishing Naruto as much as I do in this scene? I love how impossible it was to hide his joy in meeting his mom finally and how smitten by Kushina he was. Such a drastically different reaction from when he met his father, Minato haha. Comment and share with us below!


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