Doujin Market 2016 – Singapore's Biggest Yet

Remember the only pop-culture event in Singapore that allows Pop-culture inspired artworks to take the centre stage? Doujima is back again this year and it’s bigger than ever before!

Event Name: Doujima 2016
Date: 7th & 8th May
Admission : Free
Venue: Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, at The Crescent (L2)


Having attended Doujima since it’s first iteration in 2014, it’s heartening to see this little event grow and even more so, knowing that the passion for creating is still burning strong. Doujima this year features a whooping 90 Art groups with more than 100 youth artists from Singapore and more!

Doujima 2016 Exhibiting Artists

This year, Doujima is supported by Noise Movement, an initiative of the National Arts Council which provides seed funding to ground-up programs to catalyze arts creation, participation and appreciation among young people. The event is also recognized by the International Otaku Expo Association (I.O.E.A.) of Japan as a premier exhibition in Singapore.

purrfectly ever after vn

With 90 Art groups from a myriad of nations such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines and the United States to stroll through, you know it’d definitely be a feast for the eye. Not forgetting of course, our local artist groups such as Collateral Damage Studios, Daiyaku and FantaisieNocturne Productions at Doujima that continues to bring us inspiring and eye-catching visuals every year.

The Visual Novel Hub at Doujin Market is the new boy on the block. Presented by Afterthought Studios, the creators of Singapore’s first successfully kickstarted Visual Novel- A More Beautiful World’, the Visual Novel Hub will feature the works of several independent visual novels and game creators from Singapore and beyond. At the hub, attendees can try their hands on the visual novel demos from Afterthought Studios, Naïve Sprites, Star Maiden Games and Weeev. Amongst the games and visual novel creators is also harmonicblend, a music group that have done the scores for several indie games such as "But I Love You”,”Yume no Sono” and more.

a more beautiful world vn 
Violetta, the Wandering Witch from Afterthought Studio’s Visual Novel 'A More Beautiful World'

One of the most outstanding highlight of Doujima has got to be it’s fun and informative workshops and seminars. From learning to multiplying your audiences on social media to sharing the highs and lows of ‘going professional’. Doujima lives up to expectation and presents an interesting line up of seminars. For the full list of seminar topic and timing, click here.


And if you’re wondering if Cosplayers will be there then the answer is an astounding yes! While the event is not focused on cosplay, cosplayers are welcomed and regularly spotted sauntering the walkways. There is even a dedicated Cosplayer rest area so rest assured and cosplay away!

Free Gabu Gabu drinks will also be given out as the drink is once again the official event beverage. Just like the Gabu Gabu Facebook page and show it to the staff at the Neo Tokyo Project booth and you’ll be gulping down that can before you know it. A refreshing ice cream soda to beat the legendary Singapore heat sounds like a great plan already! 


I’ve barely scratched the surface of what to expect from Doujima so hop over to Doujima’s facebook page for more timely updates. 


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