Gentle Male Crossdress make up

Makeup for crossdressing as a guy can be more difficult than you think. Too much makeup and you look like a girl, too little makeup and you look washed out. A friend told me she always had problem crossdressing because she always just ends up looking like a girl with too much bronzer. I’m here to share my rather basic crossdress make up look. In this particular example, I’m going for a very gentle and benevolent look suitable for the character I’m cosplaying as (Natsume Takashi).


To me, cosplay makeup doesn’t always have to look over the top. Sometimes less is more. It should however, turn up very well in photographs, makes the wearer look alert and obviously better .  I look nothing like the gentle spirited Natsume in real life so I had to rely on straight eyebrows , double eyelid tape, big eye contact lens and brown eye lashes to create a softer face. Brown and straight fake eyelashes adds an effeminate touch to the eyes without being too girlish. The lashes turns out well in photographs and adds more interest to the face. If you’re interested to know how I made my straight faux lashes, click here for the tutorial.

Another tip to widen the size of your eyes is to add red eyeshadow to the lower waterline and lash line. Do it discreetly and blend the edges out and it will instantly brighten the eyes and adds width to the eyes without trying too hard. Of course, follow up with some brown eyeshadow around the outer lower lash line to give shape and outline.


I used NYX Round Lip Stick in the colour Honey to go all over my lips as how you would with normal ip stick. Then I use some dark brown lip stick on the inner corner of the mouth. You can use some dark brown eyeshadow too if you want. You can dust some loose powder on top of it to mattify it but I’m not a fan of powder on lips since they crack easily and tend to look strange after a while. Which is why I love this NYX lip stick. It’s moisturising and gives the right shade of nude for my lips. I never look washed out when I use it but it dulls the lips just enough for crossdressing.


Shading is of course needed here. But instead of going ape-shit crazy with it , I just do as I usually do. Shading around the chin , the side of my face, the side of my nose and under the chin all in proportions. I’m using the shading powder to give dimension to the face along with sliming the sides of it. Try not to overdo it because if shading is not enough to slim the face down, it will only end up drawing attention to that area. And of course the makeup mantra , blend everything out well!


Makeup used:

  1. Stila One Step Primer
  2. Zero Tenma BB Cream
  3. Shiseido Spotscover foundation S100
  4. Art Collection Concealer
  5. Daiso Concealer stick
  6. Za 2 way foundation
  7. E.l.f Studio 85-Piece Complete the Look Palette (Depotted)
  8. NYX Round Lip Stick, LSS 590, Honey
  9. Dolly Wink Brown liquid Eyeliner
  10. Brown Top Lashes (random brand)
  11. Cosmetic/Double eyelid Tape in flesh matte colour

I hope you guys found this tutorial useful. Filming and editing took me forever as usual and I really appreciate it if you guys let me know what you think. Do you think my Natsume Takashi cosplay is ont he right track? haha. Leave me a comment and let me know what you guys think.


M said…
That's great! You are amazing!!!! I am trying to learn how to use make up to cosplay, but it keeps looking flaky and I can't seem to hide any color or pimples on my face. Do you have any suggestions?
Hi M,

If your makeup looks flaky there could be a few reasons.

1) your skin is too dry, use some good moisturiser & let it absorb into the skin before applying makeup
2) The foundation/loose powder you use is having a reaction to another product (maybe your primer or your moisturisers etc). Change up the products and see what works
3) You used too much loose powder on top of it. Either use lesser powder or set it with some makeup setting spray.

If you have problem hiding colour or pimples, maybe your concealer is not the right colour or doesn't have enough coverage. Time to buy new concealer, maybe? '

Good luck!!

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