Natsume Yuujinchou Photoshoot

Natsume Yuujinchou is one of those series with a promotional poster that never stands out yet blows you away when you least expected. Having four animated seasons under it’s belt with another one scheduled for this fall, you know there must be something behind it’s simple artwork and fat cat facade.

Natsume Takashi: Kaika/ Elpheal Photo: Nik Assistance: Emilyfliptable & MeiAn Edit: Kaika/Elpheal

I’ve been an ardent fan of the animated series for a long while. The protagonist is a high school boy named Natsume Takashi who may I add, is the very personification of kindness, gentleness and courage.  Natsume is one of my all time favourite male characters and when I think of "angels", I think of him. Watching Natsume and Nyanko-sensei develop both together and individually makes my heart melts every single time. Coupled with Kamiya Hiroshi’s (voice actor) smoothing and point-on voice, the entire set up is complete for a soul healing trip. If you haven’t caught the series yet, I implore you to try it!

Anyway, enough with the formal introduction. Here’s my photoshoot entry of this long time cosplay dream! I know I’ve mentioned multiple times my desire to crossdress and my fear of doing my favourite male characters injustice. But I really want to say that I was really afraid of screwing him up. I feared not being able to pull off Natsume’s gentleness since I have very angular facial features. But with the advancement of modern technology and my own makeup skills, everything turned out better than I expected!


Special thanks to everyone that made this photoshoot possible. There was a lot of yukata flipping, paper scattering and Nyanko sensei throwing and it wouldn’t be possible without my Saikang Warriors also known as Assistants/Helpers/Friends hahaa!  Yes, mega thanks to Emily and MeiAn for making all these anti-gravity phenomenon happen.

Not forgetting of course, the ever lovely photographer Nik for taking time out of his busy schedule to take these lovely pictures. I wish I could have some Behind-The-Scene pictures of the hilarity but alas, no extra hands available ^^;


This picture looks like one but it’s actually composed of 2 or more pictures. We did this shot more than thirty times with varied angle but it’s hard to synchronise everything the way we wanted it to. Emily had to throw the papers while MeiAn flipped my Yukata. More often than not, when the Yukata is in it’s most beautiful anti-gravity posture, the papers have already landed or better yet, be caught right in my face by the shutter.

Someone caption this please.

So to get the best of both worlds or both pictures in this case, intensive photoshop was deployed. Sometimes I amazes myself hehehehe.




I really love it when Natsume returns a name. It is the most cinematically elegant and beautiful scene throughout the entire series. It almost feels like you can feel the wind ruffling your hair and tickling your heart when he does that.



Nyanko Sensei is the side kick that often overshadows the protagonist and I can totally see why. Look at those squishy paws!

I’m not someone who collects figurines and merchandises but even I have my own stash of Nyanko Sensei Gashapon figurines. Yes, I’m a fan of the cute and kakoii Nyanko sensei too!

“Naaaatttsummeeee~~~~~ *Jumps* “


“Natsumeeeee buy me an Ikayaki and lots of sake!”

I’m really happy with how the photographs turned out. We had been really worried we’d run out of poses to shoot since Natsume isn’t a really flashy guy. But we ended up with many keepers in the photo album hehe!

Are you a fan of Natsume Yuujinchou too? Are you as anxious for the 5th season as I am? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I’ll be uploading my Natsume/crossdress makeup tutorial soon and I hope you’ll look forward to it!


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