Photoshoot: Shingeki no Kyojin

As with everything in my life, I’m always terribly, horrendously and loserishly late. We actually shot this set of Shingeki no Kyojin photographs last april and God knows what took me so long to get them out. Oh yeah, I was busy travelling half way around the globe and then chronicling them in my travel and lifestyle blog. Please check out that blog if you are free, I blog about all things beauty, travel and well, just my opinion on anything that I want to share. I review beauty products and share my 182947938732310 travel photographs, go over there now, you won’t be disappointed hehehe.


Oops! Sorry for the terribly, horrendously and loserishly digress =X



Eren Jaegar: Maria Tachi Cosplay
Mikasa Ackerman: Yuanie
Armin Arlert: The Cosplay Chronicles / Kaika
Fry Fry Photography
Assistance: Sara & Roger


So we shot these set of photographs last april and we borrowed our 3DMG from Shinji, Saku and Zephyus because after delaying the shoot for  a year, we decided we need to speed things up. We crashed over at Yuanie’s place the night before the shoot so we could fix the 3DMG and do last minute touch ups to our cosplays. Getting together for cosplay like old times was fun.


We then did our makeup and wig and arrived at our photoshoot location in full attire.





“ No titans shall pass these gates! ”


FRY_1611_small k


“ If we fail, humanity will perish! ”




“ Hurry up and attack ! ”




“ Did we managed to secure this place?”




“ I mustn’t let them spot me ..”


FRY_1705 edit


“ Eren!Mikasa! come this way ! ”


“ Follow me! ”


We wore our 3DMG on site and that alone took us maybe 30 minutes each. The moment the 3DMG got on was the moment you stopped feeling it was fun hahahaa. I really want to say it was fun but it really wasn’t! The 3D Manoeuvre gears were such a beast to wear and we just basically walked like crabs the entire day! The hot and humid Singapore weather didn’t make things any better as we melted in our non-ventilating pleather jacket xD


As you can see fromt he video, I was totally bummed out and listless because of the heat and discomfort xD



As you can see from the video above, this is how we took the third picture. It sure took us many flinging atempts xD.



Much thanks to Sara for not only helping us with the photoshoot but also taking such hilarious BTS. I hope they give you another perspective of this seemingly fun hobby xD





Hope you enjoyed the photographs! It took us many long hours before and after to get it out ^_^!


Ichihara Shippo said…
awesome!! I love it!!
jaRoukaSama said…
when i saw these pics, i thought "wow they had a shoot in manila!"
the shoot locatiob looks like it could have been in this area of intramuros manila

hahahahah but awesome cosplay! its always a pain to shoot when youre hot and uncomfortable...
@Ichihara Shippo: Haha thanks!

@JaroukaSama : Hahah yeah, looks a little like intramuros xD

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