Pokemon Cafe & Hello Kitty in Singapore!

This month is an exciting month for Japanese Pop Culture and Anime fans! Other than the Super Japan Matsuri (festival) that will be happening this weekend, 2 of the biggest Japanese mascot are also setting (or have already landed) base in Singapore!

Pokemon Cafe

I may not be a fan of the Pokemon battling series but who can resist the cuteness that is Pikachu?! A first in Southeast Asia and the first country outside of Japan, the Pokemon Cafe is stated to open doors this 27th May to 31st July on the fourth floor of Bugis Junction. During this period, the American brunch and burger restaurant Everything with Fries will temporarily be converted into the Pokemon Cafe.

According to Channelnewsasia , the menu will include 12 dishes. While I can’t guarantee the dishes will be identical to the Pokemon Cafe in Shibuya, below are some reference pictures to whet your appetite.

Screen CapturesPhoto credit: Parco Art

Like all themed cafe in Japan, the Pokemon cafe is expected to carry a nice range of merchandise that will likely be limited to just the cafe. Given the size of the cafe (32 sqm), the time limitation and the popularity of the series, long queues and vying for reservations can be expected. Maybe they’ll even do it the authentically Japanese way and make you ballot to enter haha. Online sources implied the possibility of a Pikachu mascot gracing the cafe for some photo opportunity but nothing is confirmed as of now.

I guess this is the time to say, time to catch em all!

Hello Kitty Cafe

Japan's undisputed queen of feline – Hello Kitty stepped into Changi Airport last week. No, like seriously, it did. The cafe is located in the arrival hall of Changi Airport, Terminal 3 and it’s opened 24/7.

Photo credit:

I am an even lesser fan of this kawaii feline than I am of Pokemon but I don’t think it’s millions of fans would care about my opinion eh?  Aptly named Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe, the 84 seater cafe is described as spacious and elegant with Hello Kitty shaped furnitures and photo taking corners.

Photo credit: TODAY

The menu also features fusion dishes such as Wagyu Rendang – our favourite Rendang cooked up with the famous Wagyu beef and Hide & Seek - a pandan panna cotta dessert with Gula Melaka sauce. Online sources says the menu range from $15 – $24.

The cafe also features a retail corner that sells merchandises such as Plushies, Postcards, Plant kits and Hello Kitty inspired tea blend. 500 limited edition Hello Kitty plushies that were designed to commemorate this opening were sold out in less than 2 hours with fans queuing from the night before.

Photo credit:

While journalists have rated the food as disappointing and without having tried it myself, is unable to share my take.  However my experience with themed cafes have conditioned me to expect reasonably and understand that I’m paying for the ambience, the freebies (theme cafes in Japan gives out free paper coasters when you order a beverage) and the novelty. After all, nobody goes to a themed cafe for the food.

Photo credit: TODAY

We go there to take shameless selfies with our favourite characters, indulge in our guilty fandom and squeal at the instagram worthy food. We go there to take a gazillion photographs of the food without fear of offending the chef and then grant ourselves the right to boast after.

Will you be going to any of the cafes above? Have you already been there? Share your thoughts about theme cafe food ; do you think they are worth the big bucks?


Cosplasyky UK said…
Thanks for sharing , adorable hellokity dishes, hope some day i would have chance to enjoy them with my friends

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