What to expect @ Super Japan Matsuri 2016

Marked as the biggest Matsuri (Festival) ever to grace the Singapore shores, the Super Japan Matsuri by WAttention is set to take over the Esplanade lawn (like literally) this end of the month! Continue reading to be in the know of highlights you shouldn’t miss!

Event name: Super Japan Matsuri 2016
Date: 20 May – 22 may 2016
The Law @ Esplanade (in front of Makansutra)
Admission ticket: free. Game coupon starts at $2
Event page:


The Super Japan Matsuri is actually part of ‘Super Japan’ ; a new cultural festival produced by the Esplanade. The Super Japan Festival encompasses 10 days of performances and festivities that spotlights on the arts, cultures and unique traditions of Japan. Everything ranging from traditional to contemporary and even pop culture will make it’s way into the festival as the Esplanade celebrates its 14th year of collaboration  with Japanese artists and art groups. The festival is also a celebration of Singapore and Japan’s golden jubilee in diplomatic relations. Talk about killing multiple birds with one stone!

For more information about the exciting line ups, pop over to Esplanade’s website here.

super japan matsuri1


Everyone’s favourite Japanese street food such as Takoyaki, Baby Castella, Okonomiyaki and soft serve ice cream is expected to be at the event. For the matured attendees, yes, there’s Japanese Sake too hehe. I’m guessing Yakisoba would make it’s appearancealong with lots of Dangos (Japanese dumplings) variety. These are just my wishes though! Hopefully, the venue wouldn’t mark the cost of these munchies too high.

super japan matsuri (2)
Photo credit: Elpheal.blogspot.com


How can there be a matsuri without game stalls?! Five different types of traditional Matsuri games have been slated to appear this year. They include Shateki, Senbonbiki, Yoyo-tsuri and more.


Picture credit: Super Japan Matsuri

Come dressed for the night

Come dressed in the theme of the night and you’ll even get free game coupons! Time to get that Yukata out from the wardrobe!


For more about Super Japan, visit: https://www.esplanade.com/festivals-and-series/super-japan-japanese-festival-of-arts/2016

For more information about Super Japan Matsuri (the one I’m talking about in this blog) , visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/1772795092940515/permalink/1780802768806414/


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