Makeup Tutorial: Sailor Jupiter

The 3rd senshi I’m ‘cosplaying’ from the classic Shoujo Anime/Manga series ; Bishoujo Seishi Sailor Moon is Sailor Jupiter!


sailor jupiter thumb


Sailor Jupiter is the 4th Guardian senshi to be reveal and she is protected by the power of Jupiter. Her name is Kino Makoto and she uses electricity and plants as well as physical strength. She is probably the inner senshi with the highest offensive power. Despite her tall stature and tough appearance, she is actually very girly and likes falling in love.

Some of the key points for Makoto’s makeup would be slightly arched and thick eyebrows , bright and sharp almond eyes with accents of green and yellow and a pink lips. I also lined the inner corners of her eyes with some brown liquid eyeliner to make my eye look more almond shaped. I wanted to make my lips look bigger so I used 4 different lip products to create gradient and depth. I really wish I had brushed some brown eyebrow tint on my brows but, I forgot tot do it for the video >.<


Fullscreen capture 2962016 50404 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 2962016 45446 PM.bmp



I hope you guys liked the video. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think! 



Makeup used:


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