Interview with Pugoffka

Internationally renown for her outstanding cosplay and Cosplay photography, Pugoffka is a Ukrainian Cosplayer/ Photographer. She has shot more than 700 photoshoots within 7 years with astounding quality.


She travel widely, visiting different conventions around the world and works with different cosplayers around the region to produce a wide variety of photographs. As a cosplayer, she enjoys cosplayign as characters from Games, something she enjoys playing. A dedicated individual in the art of cosplay and photography, Pugoffka never stops to wow her fans with her undeniable talent and skills. Follow Pugoffka on her first Singapore appearance in STGCC 2016.


The Cosplay CHronicles was granted an interview with Pugoffka to promote the upcoming Singapore Toy Games and Comics Convention happening @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore on the 10th and 11th September 2016. Learn more about this amazing cosplayer/photographer and what makes her tick!




Photo by: Pugoffka

1. How long have you been cosplaying and taking photographs?

I have been a cosplay photographer since 2009. It has been more than 6 years since then and I have done more than 700 cosplay photoshoots. As I travel quite frequently, I get a chance to shoot cosplayers from all over the world. When I started shooting, cosplay photography was exactly what my artistic realization lacked. Like all photographers, I started out shooting my friend and my cat. The cat helped me to learn how to use and adjust the camera settings, and my friend posed while I practiced on the framing. This was the first step in my path of mastering photography and we moved onwards from there. We started to shoot normal and casual photo shoots, using different props, clothes, hairstyles in different locations. However, there was something still missing. Then, by chance, cosplay came into my life. That’s when I found what I needed to truly unleash my imagination.



2. Your photographs and cosplays are awesome. Do you see yourself more as a photographer or cosplayer? And why so?

Frankly speaking, I prefer myself as a photographer and I try to develop my skills in photography. In in the first place, I was a photographer before I became a cosplayer. Sometimes I think every photographer needs to be on the other side of the lens. Once you do so, you can understand how the model feels. Cosplay costume, wig, lenses and heavy craft are not very comfortable as compared to casual wear. We will often shoot in extreme conditions while on the road. That’s why it is very important to understand that cosplayer feels even more uncomfortable than a photographer which is why I try to take pictures as quickly as possible.

Surely, to be a cosplayer and photographer at the same time is not easy and takes a lot of time. However, I see a positive side to everything. These are two completely different working (hobbies). When you get tired, you can transfer from one to another.


3. What is your favorite camera set up?

I do photoshoots at night when it’s dark with flashes and colored filters. In addition, I use special effects very often. I use quite a small depth of focus. Photos 1 (first photo above), 2, 3 (below) were taken with such set up for 50 mm portrait lens: s 1/160, ISO 100-200, f 1.8-2.0.


Photo by: Pugoffka

Photo by: Pugoffka

Also,I like to do photoshoot during sunset . In this case, usually I use a wide-angle lens and a large depth of field, to see details of the sunset sky. Photo 4 (below) was taken with such set up for 16 mm lens: s 1/200, ISO 100, f 7.2






4. What things do you pay the most attention to when you’re planning a photoshoot?

The key to success is good planning. For me, the choice of location for a photo shoot is one of the most important factors in the course of planning a photoshoot. Cosplayer and photographer have to discuss this together. It will be better if you could do a reference of the pictures with the characters at different locations. When your photographer and you have decided on the shooting location, you need to make a selection of pictures, screenshots and arts with your character; make a schematic storyboard item; make a detailed list of what you need to have on the shoot. Sometimes little things can help in an emergency. Also, please practice your posing in front of a mirror. This is a very important point. The model should understand what emotions are suitable and not. It’s also crucial to have assistants for the photoshoot.

In addition, an interesting location could be a highlight in your photoshoot. You need to think what will distinguish this photoshoot from others. For example, it can be shooting with special effects (sprays, fire, sparks and smoke), with animals, simply dynamic poses or all at once. Nothing is restricted by your imagination.



5. How important is cosplay and photography to your life?

Through this hobby I was able turn my ideas into reality. Therefore, this hobby has become a part of my life. Over time, this hobby has given me the opportunity to travel to different countries and now I have made many new friends from all over the world. Now as for me cosplay is a hobby and a job at the same time.



6. Any particular things or food you want to try in Singapore?

First, I want to visit Gardens by the Bay. Second main thing: I want to try durian fruit!



7. Many international cosplayers look up to your cosplay and photography, how does that make you feel?

To be honest, I feel a great sense of responsibility. Therefore, I always try to choose the best photos that I can to share with everyone.
Sometimes I receive letters of gratitude for the fact that my photos inspire them to become a cosplayer or photographer. I’m really glad that my photos inspire people to make the first step. I really appreciate it and try to improve on.



8. Any message to your fans worldwide?

First of all, I will like to thank all the people who follow my work and support me. I appreciate it very much. Moreover, I will try my best to become better.

Also, I want to say to all newcomer photographers that they should not stop there and should pursue further ahead. In the beginning, you have to be ready for criticizes and negative reviews, but it should not stop you. Believe that all the efforts that you put later will appear as a good result. In addition, you will get a lot of pleasure from your hobby.




The osplay CHronicles would like to thank Pugoffka and Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention for giving me the chance to have this interview. Please remember to check out the event and look out for Pugoffka’s appearances.


Event: Singapore Toy Games & Comics Convention

Date: 10th & 11th september 2016

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Level B2, Halls E & F



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