I can’t remember the last time I cosplayed at an event. Maybe it wasn’t that long ago but it definitely felt long. Ever since starting the blog, my job as a blogger has pushed cosplay to the back seats. It was refreshing to remember how it felt to be cosplaying at an event like the good old days. The companionship of partners, getting ready together and offering each other help plus the adrenaline rush of cosplaying at an event made me fall in love with cosplay again, haha.




A shout out to my awesome companions that day. Hello Sakana, Seiyume and Yuanie!




On the 2nd day of Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention, I had the honour of cosplaying Elsa from FROZEN with Yuanie who was cosplaying as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. We actually had a photoshoot for the pair last march but decided to have fun with it at STGCC again this year. After all, Singapore toy Games & Comic Convention seemed like the most appropriate event to debut these two ‘western’ pop culture characters.




I decided to do something special this time. WIth the overwhelming popularity of Pokemon Go! (mobile game) and under the sagely advise (coughstrangeideascough) of a friend (shout out to Nik!) ; I spent my sunday running around the event premise (and outside of it) catching poke Cosermons. Cosplayer Monsters, if you didn’t get that heheh.  Check the video out below. 





Immense gratitude to all the cospalyers who participated. All of you were such troopers and I loved everyone’s cosplays!  If anyone knows the cosplayers, leave a comment so I can credit them accordingly. Major thanks to my Jack Frost (yuanie) for being my partner in crime. As you can see from the video, some of the pokeball was thrown by her heheh.


This was probably one of my happiest event for a long time -  thanks to STGCC and most importantly, the wonderful people I met that not only encouraged me but brightened my day with their warm smiles.


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