Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2016

I had a wonderful time at Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention this year with a bunch of friends. I cosplayed as Elsa from Frozen and partnered with Yuanie who was cosplaying as Jack Frost. Here’s a photo journey of my first day (saturday) roaming the halls.




There were so many people around the event hall corridors! Check out the amount of people!





The first cosplayer I spotted was this adorable Baymax! He was bouncing around amidst the crowd hahaha. And oh look! Baymax is wearing shoes xD The queue for the tickets were alarmingly long even though it was already nearly 2pm. It seems like the turnout for the event is pretty good this year! STGCC broke record this year by bringing in the most number of exhibitors over the two day event to entertain pop culture fans all around.




One of the first few cosplayers I met before entering the event hall was this awesome wolverine cosplayer! He got all the details down pat!




And into the halls we go !




The force is strong in STGCC as Star Wars merchandises and cosplayers continues to grace the halls. Dam Toys  had a lot of Star Wars figurines on display. As usual, the level of detail on these toys were beyond amazing.




I particularly like the chibi (mini) versions of Darth Vadar and the Stormtroopers ahhaa. Love all the set up accompanying the figurines; check out the cotton wool exhaust in the background (Kaika, that’s beside the point 8D!)









Captain *A*





The Poster Hub booth selling poster prints was filled to the brim with excited fans! It was so packed I didn’t even dare to step foot in ahhaa.






Be@rBrick had a a special exhibit set up featuring a Marina Bay Sands backdrop with 9 special dolls. They seemed to be some special collaboration or competiton winning designs. Wish I had taken the time to pore over these darlings.




They celebrate Singapore and Japan’s 50 years of diplomatic relationship with a big set up of Be@rbricks XD






STGCC this year also held it’s first ever PC gaming competition sponsored by Mountain Dew, Secretlab, Razer and MyRepublic. A total of 16 teams participated in this gaming competition that featured the popular

Blizzard game; Overwatch. While I’ve never beena  fan of gaming, it’s nice to see STGCC expands it’s reach and providing something for everyone in the pop culture demographic. I observed that the crowd were pretty engrossed in the competition too as the narrator rattled on excitedly.




There were also independent game makers with their booths there. I was in a rush so I didn’t try my hands at any of the demo games.





There was a booth with a group of participants painting some tiny figurines. Those things were so small, I wonder how any of them isn’t struggling with a microscope to see the nooks and crannies haha.




Tokidoki had a booth at STGCC again and brought their Unicorno Metalico Series 1. The queue for it was, as usual, long!




Here are the adorable unicorns!




There was also a life size Iron Man statue! The details were alarmingly good except that Robert Downy Jr looks a tad bit young xD





One of the new highlight this year was the SuperHeroes Cafe where attendees can get their first ‘taste of justice’! The cafe served an entourage of fancy superheroes cupcakes and ice creams along with beverage and sandwiches. And I’m not the only one enamored by their “super powered” desserts! Check out the queue!






The cupcakes are so cute!!




Other than cupcakes, there were also fancy ice creams, sandwiches and beverages!




Comic Book Writer, Nick Spencer was having a panel on the stage when I was there! Nick SPencer has worked on a slew of mega titles such as Captain America; Steve Rogers, Avengers World, Ant-man, Agents and more from both DC and Marvel. He currently works fore Marvel. Nick Spencer outraged a lot of fans by revealing a plot twist in Captain America; Steve Rogers.  The symbolic hero of the nation is actually a deeply covered agent for Hydra – can you imagine that?! I’m sure the crowd had a lot of questions to ask him.




This is the booth of digital artist Sakimichan. Throngs of excited fans were queuing to get their hands on her prints and signature! Her booth was pretty much sold out by the end of the second day.





Part of the Akiba Pop Stage line up artists this year was GuildStars. GuildStars is a casino concept idol unit formed by maid dealers of "Akiba Guild", a well-known Amusement Maid Casino in Akihabara. Members of GuildStars performed on the Akiba Pop stage on Sunday along with fellow Japanese idols, singers and DJ performers. Met two of these genki (cheerful/bubbly) ladies on saturday!




STGCC this year seems to feature a little more fan interaction activities. Such as the Demo stations and photobooth at Magic: The Gathering booth.





The booth this year was showcasing their latest theme – Eldritch Moon. Visitors was also given the chance to experience the Eldritch content at the booth. As you can see, the booth was packed to the brim with enthusiastic players!




All the photographs were taken on the first day of the event as I spent most of my second day parading around as a Disney Queen and saying hi to little children. I also went around trying to catch Cosplayers with a Pokeball hehe.


And I caught the entire Phoenix Wright team!




Yuanie tried to catch King Flycatcher from Fables but he escaped!




We had a hilarious time running around the event trying to catch different cosplayers. I was mighty glad nobody did anything to me after I threw my pokeball at Hulk =X

Watch the entire video here!



Did you have fun at STGCC? Comment and share your best experience hehe!


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