Cosfest 2017 (Cosplay Photos)

It’s been four days since the curtain closed on the longest running Cosplay event in Singapore – Cosfest. Held at it’s usual den at the D’Marquee tent in Downtown East, the big event was held 2 months earlier than usual this year. I managed to scoot down one afternoon and got some photographs to show you guys who couldn’t be there.


Cosfest Asia Facebook: 


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I arrived somewhere near 4pm and the stage was having Anime Cosplay Performances.





The judges were all hard at work. Cosplay Guest this time was Abraham Cruz (BRAM) from Philippines. Bram is an accomplished cosplayer from the Philippines and it’s not hard to see where he excel – look at that detailed and lifelike suit!





The Graffiti Wall was pretty full by the time I got there but artists still found space to deploy their creativity. It’s nice to see the talent of fellow Animanga fans on showcase and get an idea of what’s the current fad.






From illustrated prints and doujin (comic) to handmade jewelleries and Cosplayer Dakimakura (Pillow) grabbing your attention, I’m sure many attendees left the tent feeling spiritually happy but financially poor. Haha.






There was also a Wonder Woman Photo Op area to promote the upcoming DC superheroine movie. Going slightly off track here but let me just gush over how amazing Gal Gardot looks as Wonder woman! It’s like she was born to be Wonder woman! Of course, with a few more months till the premiere of the movie, I’m really just basing my opinions on the limited trailers released. Since this is the first superhero(ine) movie with a pivotal female protagonist, all eyes are peeled to see how things eventually roll.


Now on to the meat of the entry – Cosplay photographs!











It’s been a long time since I stepped foot into any Animanga related events and it was nice to feel the connection to this community again. I had thought I would be bored strolling through the event hall but all the eye-catching cosplayers perked me up. I was especially thrilled to see cosplayers from the retro series Chrno Crusade! You can probably guess from my previous posts that I am a fan of the series since I even cosplayed it’s heroine, hehe.


I had fun taking photographs and interacting with the cosplayers who are always so accommodating. My hats off to each and every one of them for their efforts and dedication to the craft because I know how crazy it is to be donning a full body suit, a ridiculously high pair of heels or copious layers of garments in Singapore’s sweltering heat! If any cosplayers who appeared on this blog would like to have their photos taken off or identified, please leave me a comment or contact me at TheCosplayChronicle’s facebook page!


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