Fushigi Yuugi Cosplay Photoshoot

I’ve often cosplayed series from when I was still a teen and referred to them as something from my ‘childhood’ (even though they technically aren’t). But this series is without a doubt, the one series that kickstarted everything. I remembered being introduced the manga when I was in secondary school by a schoolmate and first learned what comics for Teenage girls looked like. Ever since then, my hunger for Japanese Animanga has only grown.

The strange thing though, is I've never ever cosplayed anything from this quintessential Shoujo Manga series. I've dreamt of doing it one day but without right partners who shared a common passion for a retro series that wasn't likely to make you the next viral Cosplay Queen/king, it was close to impossible. But one day, I met a pair of Miaka and Yui cosplayer (Hi TenTen and Ruriko!) at Cosfest and they unexpectedly proposed the idea of getting a group together. Their passion rubbed off on me and gave me the encouragement needed to pitch this idea to more people - after all, three is a crowd isn't it?

I got my amazing friend Yuanie in and that's where the magic happened. Before we knew it, we've assembled a close to complete team of people who genuinely loved the series and got everything going.  Anyone who's organised Cosplay Photoshoot before knows how difficult planning for big groups can be. After multiple date adjustments and give and takes, we finally got it down and then it happened.

While most of us kinda knew everyone else from the community, meeting up together for the first time was still slightly awkward. Thankfully, everyone was a seasoned cosplayer and we got past
 it quicker than you can say 'quick'!


Yuuki Miaka - TenTen Cos
Tamahome 鬼宿 - Yuanie
Hotohori 星宿 - SFSakana・邪神魚
Nuriko 柳宿 - Kaika @ The Cosplay Chronicles
Tasuki 翼宿 - Cosplayer Cosplayer Yuchen 虞尘
Chichiri 井宿 - ≧Naoya≦
Mitsukake 軫宿 - Drefan Cosplay
Chiriko 張宿 – Sachetcat
Hongo Yui – Ruriko
Nakago 心宿  - Zephyus
Soi 房宿  - Miwitch
Amiboshi 亢宿 - MeiAn
Suboshi 角宿 – Serene

Photo by : Xeno
Edited by : Kaika @ The Cosplay Chronicles

- Xeno

A lot of work went into the final photographs and I hope everyone likes it as much as we loved shooting for it! May I suggest you play and loop the opening of Fushigi Yuugi while you enjoy the photographs for a heightened experience.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the photographs!

Nuriko and Miaka just chillin. Doing what ‘girls’ do best hehe.

Chichiri decides to join in.

Nuriko always cared for Tamahome like a younger brother.


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