Anime Festival Asia 2018 (Cosplay photographs)

Anime Festival Asia Singapore has come and gone again! Were you there to celebrate AFA's 10th year anniversary with them?

To celebrate their 10th year of presence, the organizers set up a live stream for their Akiba Stage and even introduced a special red carpet which I thought was interesting.

Photo credit: Anime Festival Asia Facebook

They even have a promotional anime video this year xD

If you missed the Red Carpet event, you can check out the live stream video here.

And because everything is extra special when you're 10 years old, they even had a live broadcast of the Akiba Stage!

The Live stream was provided by SO JAPAN who also had a slew of other videos like interviews and more.

Photo credit: Anime Festival Asia Facebook

I haven't attended any of the Anisong Concerts yet. I hope one day I will get the chance to finally attend one!

Photo credit: Anime Festival Asia Facebook 333

The concert entrance was lined with paper standees and flower wreaths well wishing the numerous performers! And of course, tonnes of fans were queuing outside the concert entrance from as early as noon!

Now time for the hallmark event of this blog - Cosplay! The entire event area was flooded with cosplayers all dressed to the nines! I loved the variety of cosplays shown this weekend and some of them really outdone themselves! Special thanks to all the cosplayers who posed for me, you guys were amazing!

I did a short live stream of the event on Saturday. If you don't mine my pitchy shrills and pointless narration then pop over to TheCosplayChronicle's Facebook page to check it out! Remember to also like and follow The Cosplay Chronicles on our multiple Social Media hangout spots!

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