Photoshoot: Seikaiden Houshin Engi

I had the honour to be part of an amazing Houshin Engi group Cosplay last month. Yes! It's the super old series from Shounen Jump that nobody remembers haha! An anime was launched in 1999 which proved to be a flop but they had a remake of it again in 2018! I haven't gotten around to watching the new anime but from as far as I heard, the anime adaptation pales in comparison to the original Manga. I implore everyone to pick up the original manga instead if your curiosity has been piped!

Taikobo (太公望 ): Kaika/ The Cosplay Chronicles

Yozen (楊戩 Yōzen): Yuanie
Taijo Roukun (Roshi) (太上老君 (老子) : Camellia
So Dakki (蘇妲己, Su Da-Ji) : Kikyo

Photographer: Cecilia and Justin
Assistance: Grace and Kio

This is the second time I've cosplayed Taikoubou , you can check out the photos I took with Yuanie all those years back.

I was super excited to work with Kikyo and Camellia; our Malaysian cosplay friends who we've know for ages but have never cosplayed together before! It's so heartening to know people who fangirled the same series as you and is just as willing/crazy to invest so much tiem and effort to cosplaying it.

Special thanks to Celine and Justin for being our photographers! A good cosplay photoshoot can never happen if there's no one to be our Art director cum Photographer! Unlike modelling, Cosplay photo shoot is a very collaborative process and it's actually really fun (and stressful at the same time 8D)  as both the Photographer and Cosplayers put their heads together to make it work! A lot of costume flipping and fake grass in front of the lens to make it work but it's was all a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoy the photos! Remember to let me know what you think and follow this blog to be notified about future updates!

"Taikoubou encounters Dakki for the first time. Dakki overwhelms Taikoubou easily with her Paopeis..."

"Dakki gains the upper hand without breaking a sweat ..."

"Yozen the prodigy Doushi"

" Dakki the fox demon who has marred the Yin dynasty is evil incarnate ..."

" It's time for Yozen to battle the fox demon!" 

"Dakki the fox demon manipulates the heart and claws at your soul ..."

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