Singapore Toys Games and Comics Convention Day 2!

Finally the Singapore Toys Games Comics Convention day 2 report! Pardon the long delay , I was really caught up with life and my own cosplay projects :)

So after the fruitful day on saturday, I went back again. But this time, learning from saturday's mistake, I decided to disguise myself as a cosplayer cum paparazzi so as not to get snubbed again!

I arrived much earlier on day 2 due to the request of someone *coughonimushawhoforgothisperformancemusiccough* so I had more time to grab more victims :D ! I was expecting day 2 to have more cosplayers but I was wrong! I guess sunday's not a good day to cosplay huh ?

Anyway, I proceeded up to level 6 and kickstarted the dog work!

First victim of the day? The popular jesuke and cube. Absolutely adorable ahahha! Love the character impersonating! In-Character 100% !

But their awesomeness made themselves LOLed hard so this take was an NG. The event corridor was sooooooo godd*mn CROWDED so we had no choice but to move base.

So this is version 2
I love the part where they face palmed the other and the face just "Squooosh" out of shape xDDDDD

and more Gintama group xD Really loving the love-hate relationship Gintoki and Katsura seems to have. Gotta give it to Jesuke and Cubie for having such great chemistry and courage . Not everyone can pick their nose in public and not feel awkward alright XDDDDD

A drunk man.

He looks familiar ...who can he be??!

He is our beloved Gin-San. Now you'd have to ask where he got that plastic carrier from ....... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Okita and Kagura in another one of their fights. Who do you think will win? Place your bets now!!!

Then I spotted Yattaman!

I'm not a fan of the series but I am one of Arashi so I do know Sakurai Sho's acting in a remake movie of it and I must say i was very surprised to see it being cosplayed locally. We always get the hype late you see =\

Kudos to Ivoryfox and Felipyon for bringing a dash of variety into the local cosplay scene :D!

Dan who was cosplaying as Alto wandered up to me and we somehow started this random conversation. Hahaha Alto is a closet molestor! Look at the smooth action!

Dan and I wandered around again and check out who we bumped into next!

Alto (Dan) doing a VERY GOOD job pissing Sheryl off

Totally hilarious! And Dan was SO MEAN!!!! As expected of a Mass Comm student xD Lenneth's cosplay as Sheryl was awesome as usual :D My apologised for the super bad quality audio though T_T

Its the Hetalias Again!

Spotted a group of really cool Hetalia Cosplayers on level 6 and got them to do this video for me.

Anyone care to help me identify them =3?

Devil May Cry

Karugi cosplaying as Cloud from Final Fantasy Advent Children. Not quite sure what her friend is cosplaying as but I was told it was from a very old english comic. Anyone care to enlighten me?

They look pretty cute together. Once again, I am unabel to put a name to any of these costumes with my pathetically shallow pool of anime & manga knowledge. Anyone have any idea?

Edit: Violet, Laurent & Hortense from the Roman album. Thanks to Envy for pointing out!

Reiko shooting Jesuke & Cubie :D

I'm guessing Jigoku Shoujo. Love the red contacts ^_^! I'm sure she mentioned but her nick has once again slipped the grasp of my aging brain mechanism. . . anyone care to erm...enlighten me again?

Edit: Saya from Blood+. Thanks to Dan for pointing out!

A very colourful team of Vocaloid. Not really sure why they have butterfly designs on their headphoens but the team sure is an eye catcher :D

Edit: Vocaloid from the "Magnet" Series. Thanks to Himiko for pointing out!

The ever lovable Storm Trooper!
Probably just back from some galatic war or something. Dirt on armour you see.

Nyann cosplaying as ... ARGH !! HOW COULD I FORGET?!?!?!!?!??!! Tales of ermmmmm.... I KNOW its a "Tales" series and its the newest .... Tales of the Abyss?

Edit: Nyann is cosplaying a character from Tales of Vesperi. Thanks to Envy for pointing that out!

Kyoka and me !

Reiko with her enviable green NDS! Check out the matching green top and very familiar green hair. Doesn't it reminds you of someone......?

Hmmm... I wonder where Reiko got her green wig from *whistles nonchalently*. Expect some videos soon :D

Jecht by Drefano, our local pride xD If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video below to see how Jecht twist and turn his hips to some korean bubblegum pop!

I'm not done yet with STGCC Day 2 videos so...stay tuned! *goes back into the ardulous task of video editign T_T*


Envy said…
Nyann is cosplaying from Tales of Vesperia, can't remember the character's name, sorry =x

The trio after Karugi [left to right] is cosing Violet, Laurent & Hortense respectively from the Roman album 8D
Anonymous said…

She is neither cosplaying Jigoku Shoujo nor Saya from Blood+.
She's cosplaying Saya from Blood the Last Vampire.
Though it's understandable that people mixed up Blood+ and Blood the Last Vampire.

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