WWCPJ Mexico announcing 3rd Receiver!

YES YES YES!!!! Hiroky from Mexico has announced the 3rd receiver!
Hiroky looks so cute here and excuse me while I gawk at her lovely green walls xD. Congratulations to Laura Ribeiro from Brazil for being the 3rd participant !! I hope you’re still interested in the project and remember to send your mailing details to Hiroky soon ^_^
For those of you who wants to be the next participant, hurry up and comment over at the main page or the first blog entry. For ease of calculating, I have decided that only comments at those two entry will be considered for participation =) Of course, there’s no stopping you from commenting on this page to celebrate xD!
I’m always so excited and touched whenever I watch the videos , really wondering how the scarf will look when the project ends ^_^
Check out Hiroky’s cosplay blog too ^_^ !


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