Welcome to the official page for the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey!!!
The first World Wide Cosplayer Photo journey 2010 - 2011 has officially ended. It was a great 1 year and 7 different countries. Scroll down if you're curious about the project!


To make keeping up with the status of this project easy, all the posts and updates will be consolidated here.


For people who are new to this project, scroll down to understand this project.

For those who already know, this is the page for you to keep up with the status of the project. I'm still trying to think of ways to make this project more interactive and easy to handle so please bear with me here and continue to support this project T_T Feel free to comment here and let me know what you think!

Below are links to various blog entries that updates the status of the project.

What is WWCPJ?:
I'm sure we've all received chain mails before. This project is something similar but with more fun and minimal maliciousness.

Obviously I’m not gonna send my digital camera out, it is for demo purpose only XD 
I’ll start by sending out a snail mail (yes, you heard that right) with a disposable camera and scarf to a foreign cosplayer (meaning, someone outside Singapore).

Then the cosplayer will take a photo of herself/himself/costumes/event/room/figurine collections/ props etc,  write/decorate his/her well wishes for 2011 on the scarf and then send it to ANOTHER cosplayer in either another State or Country.
This snail mail link will go on and on until either

1) camera runs out of negatives/battery
2) 2 weeks before Christmas 2010.

The last person will send it back to me and I will post everything here.

Objectives of this project:
  • To come together as a global community to give our most sincere well wishes for the year ahead
  • To promote and encourage intercontinental interactions between cosplayers
  • To promote cross cultural harmony and understanding
  • To inject fun and excitement into our lifes!

Rules & Guideline  for participants:
Before you put your name up for participation, read the rules and guidelines below. The rules below are designed to help regulate and ensure the success of this project. If you agree to participate, please kindly abide by the rules.
  1. The mail can stay with any one person for a maximum of 5 days. Meaning, you must take a photo, doodle/decorate the scarf and send it out within 5 days!  This is so that as much cosplayers can be involved in the project as possible within the timeframe=)
  2. Every participant is restricted to only ONE PHOTO. To allow as many cosplayers to be involved as possible, please leave the negatives for the people after you =)
  3. The person you send your article to must NOT be in the same geographic location as you are. They must either be from a different country or state.
  4. Participants who are selected, upon receiving the article (with the disposable camera and scarf) MUST EMAIL ME (elpheal (a) Gmail.com) with the following information so I can update the blogloc for the article =).
    Your cosplay nickname:
    Country & State:
    Your website (Deviantart, cure,
    cosplay.com, blogs etc):
    Next receiver’s name & email:
  5. It is highly encouraged that you communicate with your ‘receiver’ before mailing the article out. Just in case they go on a long holiday or are actually unwilling to take part.
  6. Please take every reasonable and possible care of the items in the envelope
  7. There is no limitation to any countries. Everyone is free to join!
  8. Participants are encouraged(but not mandated) to send small personal gifts of local souvenirs to the next receiver.  This is to help promote cultural exchange =)
  9. Please understand, as this is a non commercial project, shipping fees will have to be undertaken by each individuals
  10. It is NOT mandatory for you to cosplay in the photo.
  11. NO blood, gore, violence, pornography or sexually explicit photos to be taken. I won’t publish them if I deem them unfit.
  12. You can take photo of anything you want other than the above, but is highly encouraged to have some sort of relation to Anime, Manga, Games or Cosplay.


Saru-chan said…
Hey there! I'm a born and bred California girl who's been cosplaying for about two years. i would love to be apart of the project.
The Watcher said…
I'm from New York but I am now in Georgia, I am in LOVE with the asian culture, including anime and manga! I would love to join in the project.
autumn~ said…
Im participating~
im from Texas, America and i LOOOVE anime, cons, cosplay, jrock, and jpop. I want to do this with my cosplay group for a group picture and it'll rock~
Why haven't we heard anything about the WCPJ in a while? It can't still be in Chile.
Emma said…
Hey, My name is Emma. I'm from Maine, USA and I love anime, manga, cosplay, jpop & rock, and japan and it's culture. I'd be pshyched to be part of the project. Thanks! \^.^/ <3
Laura said…
I would love to try and join this, I'm from Denmark ^-^ and my friend would probably love to join in too.

My email is silver-ira@hotmail.com
Anonymous said…
i would love to join this!
wah~ what an amazing thing to do~
me and my friends from canada would love to show our otaku life!~
Anonymous said…
(⌒∇⌒)ノフリフリ~ Hi hi <3
My name is Sae and I live in the USA in the state of California. I still hope it is still possible to join C:
I really appreciate the anime subculture of Japan and believe it is of great importance in our generation to keep passion and creativity growing. I hope to be chosen for this heart warming project ^^
My email is: saesaee@hotmail.com
Megan said…
My name is Megan, and I just heard about this project! It seems like so much fun to have everyone get together and do something like this!
My email is: Wishxofxlove@aim.com
Morgan said…

I've been cosplaying for about...6 years :D and I'd love to do it! I'm in Maryland so feel free to contact me through this google account :3
Cornellia said…
Ooohhh... Interesting.. I wanna participate as well.. I'm a Cosplayer from the Philippines.. here's my e-mail: con_dedios@yahoo.co.uk You can contact me through Facebook with this e-mail... This seem so much fun.. ^^
Kiyoshi said…
hihi~ I am a cosplayer from Hong Kong! I've cosplayed for one year XD And I love Vocaloid~~~~ This project seems to be interesting, I want to participate too!!! my email: vvcc2007@yahoo.com.hk
Feel free to contact me! >///<
DcastEye said…
I've been cosplaying for 4 years now and I love this project. To link cosplayers all over the world like this is just awesome. ^^
And if you're wondering I would love to be part of this. I live in Sweden and you are free to contact me through this google account. Otherwise is my deviantART: DcastEye :)
Jesica said…
`~I really want to join....
Is it still open ?.?
please send me an answer on facebook or youtube, 12enma12
sachi said…
Hiya! I'm Sachie from Canada and I'd love to be part of this! :3 I love cosplaying~

Uhh, my cosplay.com page is here~!

And my email is arakurelove@gmail.com so please don't hesitate to message me :33
Anonymous said…
i would totally love to join!! :D

my email is tamahomecrzy@yahoo.com
My hats off to you for coming up with this idea. I really think that this is a good way of gathering people around the world who share a similar passion.

*thumbs up!*
Toiea said…
I wonder... since only four people have been selected so far, and it's already mid-October, will the project continue after Christmas? It's kinda sad that even though so many people are eager to participate in the project, only a few have actually been able to.
Napua said…
Aloha From Hawaii!

I love this idea! I am a cosplayer and anime/manga lover also. And I'm a part of a cosplay group that would love to take part in this!

If you'd like to send to Aloha around my e-mail is: KiddyRaverGurl639@aim.com

Hope to hear from you soon! If not, Good Luck!
Becca said…
I'm Becca from Nebraska, U.S.A. I love anime and manga and I love cosplaying. I would love to be a part of the project :] My email is BecaChan@live.com
AmiiKitty said…
Hell guys~!

I'm Amii, I'm new in cosplaying. I need someone's help. I would like to participate but do I need to sign up to join or just request for permission? Please contact me at: queenzestte_maey@yahoo.com

Help please, everyone!
AmiiKitty said…
I'm from Philippines, sorry I didn't write my full comment here because I was busy and my one hour was over. :(

But if anyone will select me, go ahead. :) (I thought I was late in participating??)
Torii said…
Hello! I would also like to participate in this event. I'm from Philidelphia (USA), but don't know where to contact anyone but here. Please contact me at aeterno0@gmail.com
Sandy said…
Im from Australia!!
This looks so awesome id love to participate :D

You can contact me at sanjeepie12@hotmail.com
or on my DA site which is http://black-ice-s.deviantart.com/
YumiPi said…
hi there...greetings from germany ^________^
such an awesome idea *__________*
I would like to parcipate, if it is still possible^^

you can contact me at yumipi@shi-kai.de
rachelchan said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
rachelchan said…
Hey,I'm Rachel and I'm from Malaysia,Sabah. I'm kind the new to this cosplay stuff but i starting to cosplay soon.So,you can contact me :nuyiko-97@hotmail.com/rachelcng@yahoo.com
Natalie said…
Hi! My name is Natalie! I'm 15 years old and I love in Maryland, USA (Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico)! I just started cosplaying this year (After Otakon 2010) and I LOVE IT! So far I have done Jacuzzi Splot from Baccano, Allen Walker from D. Gray Man, and L Lawliet from Death Note (Halloween)! I am sooooooo into Anime and Japanese culture! So for Otakon 2011 I will TRY cosplaying as Kaname from Full Metal Panic! But Oficially I really want to do Jiro from Black Blood Brothers, Lavi from D. Gray Man, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna be someone from Lucky Star!!!! SO KAWAII!!! I am making the Lucky Star cosplay now with the help of my grandma!
But anyway, I WOULD LOVE TO JOIN!!!! xD
email me @ ImSoulEaterEvans@yahoo.com
Anonymous said…
Im a cosplayer in texas and I would love to join this!! I so far have done Luka from vocaloid and Utena and lots of Lolita! I love anime and manga so yeah would love to join =D

Anonymous said…
haii haii! can i join? i've been cosplaying for about 3 years and im 11 (2010) this year ;D i stay in singapore. currently im cosing len :D i really love anime and mangs <3 i luv yaoi!!!!!!! im happy xD (lol random)
email: yng.shuqi@gmail.com
arianne said…
Hi there! my name is arianne from the philippines :D i would love to take part on this chain it would be a terrific experience for me since i love cosplaying and i also love cosplays from all over the world. please contact me at ariannegonzaga@yahoo.com OR visit my DA site iannedreamer.deviantart.com

LETS ALL BE FRIENDS ^___________^
Anonymous said…
Heya I'm Tae from the UK! I love cosplay and have been cosplaying for about two years, My main cosplay has been roxas but I have worn a variety of costumes including chrono from chrono crusade and Shuyin from FFX2. Please contact me- ninetailefox92@aim.com or check out my dA- Ninetailefox92.deviantart.com Thanks <3 <3
Hiroki Jun said…
I'd love to participate in this! My name is Hiroki and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada! If you would like to contact me, I have hiroki-jun.deviantart.com or twinalbireo@hotmail.com
Anita/Icarus said…
Kia Ora~! I'm Anita from New Zealand, I would absolutely LOVE to participate in this, it's a fantastic idea!
I've been cosplaying for 4-5 years, usually cross-playing~ C;

You can contact me at Ribbonuniform@hotmail.com
and my DA is http://MiyukiCookie.Deviantart.com/

I look forward to seeing the final results of this project!
gokulover3.deviantart.com said…
i would like to join :D
polence said…
I'm in!XD This is a great idea. Hopefully I get selected XD And hope it's during April for Sakura Con :P

Just an idea: I would really like this project to continue. If ever I will get in it, I might just put a new disposable camera, send the old one back to Kaika. Dry clean the scarf and/or (if it is full already) send it back to her and put a new scarf (maybe a clone of the scrarf if I can find it.) And start all over again, until that one gets full, then send it back to Kaika.^_^
MicroshipNerd said…
Heeello ( ゚ ▽゚)
I'm from Sweden and I'm 15 years old, I've been doing cosplay for about a year and a half :D
I would love to join this ^ ^

My email is: MicroshipNerd@hotmail.com
Bye bye ☆
Laurie said…
Pick me....uhm Laurie from the Philippines. e-mail is abot_laureen@yahoo.com
Terence said…
Maybe I'll get lucky :P Terence from UK
I'm sâmi, from brazil...and I would like to join this^^

here my email:
hinaru12 said…
me too me too me too!!!

i'd like to join too...

the name's reyzen, from philippines...!

here's my e-mail: hinaru12_hinaru@yahoo.com
Holly Ann said…
Hi Kaika!
If this project is still active, I live in Utah USA and only Cosplay as Miku. I am planning on filming my first cosplay pv in March. If the scarf is still floating around by then, I'd be happy to let it cameo in the pv. XD
May I also say that your JBF PV inspired me to do cosplay pvs.
valerie_tan said…
Do Me! Do Meee!!!

I'm from Australia! Not from the Sydney side :P
I'm a relatively new cosplayer and I'm friends with the cosplay co-ordinator of Perth's largest Anime convention! *hint hint*
Haha no I'm just using bribery sorry xD

But haha, Send it over here!!! :D

My email is: pika_master@hotmail.com
Please no spam mail :)
Asche said…
This is an amazing idea!
I would be honored to participate in this project!

I am located in California, USA.
My email is Dilithium.Dream@Gmail.com
Anette said…
Hi~ I guess this project is still alive? so I hope that I could participate ^^ I'm 17 yo from Finland and would love to be with this project~!!
mail would be: riko_sekai@hotmail.com
Jessica said…
HIYA! If it's still open, I'd love to participate so much!!!!! This is awesome!!!!
My name is Jess, I live in Brisbane, QLD, Australia :)
Email me at: purplepenguin.jc@hotmail.com
;) Hope I can participate
Hope this is still open ! >n<;; My name is fuyumi~ I'm from Sydney, Australia and I hope I can join the fun 8D my email is fudafuyumi@gmail.com
RexRoller said…
This sounds like a really great idea. Is this Project still going on? I just found this blog.
Hime said…
let a comment thereeee
Spolls Ninja Monkey said…
Hi! I'm from Canada, is this project still going? I would love to take part ^^

Hanqin Li said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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