I feel most Singaporean when …

… I am talking to Non-Singaporeans or when I am abroad.

At GyeonogBukGong, korea.

This is probably a weird theory but I seriously feel the patriotic-ness oozing in me when I’m with non-Singaporeans. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel the need to behave appropriately in front of foreigners because I don’t want to spoil the the reputation of my lovely Lion City. Call me old fashioned if you want but I feel that every Singaporean is an ambassador to their motherland.

What else can be a better representation of a country if not their people?

Which is why I do things like the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey and tell people why they should visit Singapore

Starting the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journey gives me the chance to put my own country on a map and allows me to share this wonderful little island with as much people as possible. I love to share, I love being proactive and I love to be able to make a difference!

So here’s an entry to share my not so different sentiments as to what makes me a Singaporean.

FB_Kenneth wong3
Zephyus and I representing Singapore for the Regional Cosplay Championship 2010

1. Representing Singapore makes me feel Singaporean. I know it’s a given but whenever I get the chance to represent my country, I would always try to make the other delegates or guest feel my hospitality. Even if they don’t know me.

AFAX2010_WIP 008
Kaya was my choice of gift last year. 2009 was Bakgwa.

2. Talking about Singapore also makes me feel Singaporean. Be it the good or the bad, just thinking about her and the problem she faces, reflects my understanding and attachment to her.

P1140535 edit
The Wishing Tree, Hong Kong

3. When I hear people speak in Singlish abroad. I feel the instant connection and the urge to hold their hands and prance around. Come on, don’t tell me you don’t get that! It’s pretty much a national identity already! Every nation has it’s own quirks yeah?

4. When something bad happens and I know there are official authorities I can turn to for help. It’s always assuring to know someone's got your back covered and you have your legal rights in a country.


5. When I walk into our MRT stations during rush hour with the knowledge that my train will come within 3.5 minutes.

6. When I teach my foreign friends how to use Singapore’s public transport systems and hear them marvel at its efficiency and ease-of-use.

30sept-5oct10_Korea 399
Lotte Mall, Korea

7. When I go to the food courts during lunch hours and see tissue packets on the table. It’s a social culture!

8. When I hear my girlfriends joke about never accepting a marriage proposal that starts with a request to get a HDB together. And totally getting the joke without having to ask “What is HDB?”. Yes, a uniquely Singaporean predicament.

30sept-5oct10_Korea 654
Incheon Airport, Korea

9. When I walk down the bustling streets of MyeongDong and they ask if I am Japanese. And without fail, giggle to myself after I explain I am Singaporean because their reaction never gets old.

Harbour City Mall, Hong Kong

10. When I gather with other South East Asian-ers and is the only Chinese group that will choose English to express themselves more than their own Mother Tongue.

So here are some of the little things in life that claims my right as a red passport holding Singaporean.

Singapore might not be perfect but it is a very beautiful and well governed country. A country of vibrance, racial harmony and a country where its’ people can live in peace with assurance that their loved ones and assets will be protected as much as they can be. The assurance that life will get better if you work hard and the assurance that pushes Singapore forward with her people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry. For an entry that has so little text, it sure has consumed many time. This is my submission entry to mySingapore.sg’s blogger search! I hope I will be able to win a trip to Shanghai to experience the Singapore Day held there this April! Wish me luck and as usual, comments never kill anyone :D


thumbs up~~ :D
and you did very well..

I think i humiliate my own country at some point lol XD
jactinglim said…
Haha you do have such a nice country ^^ and I'm glad for locals like you who are nice to foreigners.
Sese said…
You have an interesting culture and I love your country. So disciplined!!
steph said…
yea!! i am proud of singapore too!! ^^ i can sooooo identify with some of the points u mentioned! xD
Thanks for the comments guys , wish me luck T_T
Jerry Polence said…
Good luck!^_^ Reading your post, makes me want to visit Singapore more!^_^
Iisan-chan said…
Good luck Kaika, it makes me want to visit the cosplay community there, you guys look like you have so muh fun!
Kai Kuchiki said…
*Thumbs up*
You just showed to us how nice Singapore is!--Which made me want to Visit your country more!:D
Anonymous said…
I already wished to be able to visit Singapore one day, but now you made me want to visit it more <3 !!!
Good Luck !!!
omi said…
i feel most patriotic the moment i step into changi terminal. <3

good luck with the contest!!

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