Sound Horizon Fans Gathering (Singapore)

Anyone a Sound Horizon fan? Or heard of Sound Horizon? Listen to their playlist below!

Sound Horizon Playlist

“ Sound Horizon, abbreviated by fans as Sanhora (サンホラ), is a Japanese musical group with composer Revo as the leader. They call themselves the "fantasy band" and have released their works that closely resemble suites.

Their music is generally in omnibus style; an album contains multiple stories with different themes that create one long story. Soprano or mezzo-soprano vocals are mainly utilized. Usage of narration is not restrained. Strong anime influences and applications are apparent in their music; they have started inviting seiyū for narration since their major debut. Their lyrics are very often mysterious and metaphorical, even more so than those of other J-rock musicians, with themes varying from fantastic ones like ancient curse, legend, dreams, war, and paradise to forbidden lust, longing, obsession, crime, relationships, etc.

Guess what ? A bunch of fans from Singapore has come together to organise the first ever Sound Horizon only event! Spearheaded by Kanaunara, this is also the team that brought us the wonderful Axis Power Hetalia event last year so you know it’s good stuff Open-mouthed smile

The gathering will have two parts. One (07/16) will be the gathering itself, and the other (08/07) will be the screening of the Märchen live DVD.

Gathering Event

Date: July 16th (Sat)
Venue: Yio Chu Kang Community Centre Theatrette, 2nd floor (Singapore)
Time: 01:00 - 05:00 PM

Concert Dvd Screeningmore info here

Date: August 7th (Sun)
Venue: Yio Chu Kang Community Centre Theatrette, 2nd floor (Singapore)
Time: 01:00 - 04:00 PM aprox.

Entrance fee

$2 - for those who are only attending only the part 1 of the gathering
$3 - for those who are attending both parts of the gathering *


*A small token will be given to all attendees



Visit their website for more information and navigation!!!!


Shadow said…
They Should Bring Back the "World Hetalia Day" event too
Shadow: Hmmmm I think so too xD

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