Cosfest X.2 (Day 1, Cosplay Photo Pimps 2 ! )

*EDIT: Updated with more photos below*

I hope you guys liked the 2nd wave of Cosfest X.2 Event photos. See the first batch here.

Do you guys prefer it when I show Event photos in thumbnails like these? I find it hard to talk more about the event itself when I collate my photographs into albums like these even though you guys have feedback that it looks neater this way. Any comments ?


美亜 said…
I think it does look a lot neater like this, but you could always pick your top 3-5 or so favourite/memorable shots and comment more on those shots and the event, and then put all the other pictures collated/thumbnailed at the end of your entry? That way we get to see all the pictures and we can hear about some of your experience at the con!
Meru said…
The unfortunate thing about this is.. no photos of Kaika herself! ;_;
Still, very nice pimps! Love the diversity of Cosplayers this year.^^
pohcbSonic said…
awesome photography skills, my friend. =)

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