Rude Cosplay Photographers

Any cosplayer who has been in the community long enough would have seen or at least heard of such incidents.

..................... RUDE Event attendees or photographers.

Or anyone armed with a recording device, DSLR cameras or mobile phone cameras. Insensitive people who are total strangers to you and pointing their devices 10cm away from your face.

Maria just sent me a video by this very spirited cosplayer nicknamed Cattypatra. Much compliments to her for having so much guts to do this video. Even though her language may be a little unsave for work/kids xD

As can be seen from this entry here.... direct video evidence of such rude acts, Cattypatra's rants are not unfounded.

Quite strangely, despite my long years of cosplaying I've been lucky to not have any such uncomfortable incidents. Must be my evil aura that drips with murderous intention =_=||||
But I've been hearing and hearing people around me complains about their unhappy incidents since forever!

So any cosplayers who have similar experiences care to share with us? LEave a comment below! Show your rage!!!!!!!


Anonymous said…
I also didn't encounter such thing before.
maria> LOL!!! No stalker wanna stalk us xDDD
tarepanda said…
I've encountered quite a lot of times and it seriously pisses me off. Some people just snap from like 360 angle, top, side, bottom (!? wth),idk, worse angles you can ever imagine D:

I've got a ''photgrapher'' came to defend hmself by saying ''oh its because I want to take the most natual expression of you'' i mean, cmon, we are cosplayers, not models who is freaking perfect...?

*coughs* oh well, some people are just plain rude...*rolleyes*
Dan the Farmer said…
I don't remember a particular incident as such..but I would turn away automatically from the offending camera or reject politely that I'm not ready for pictures.
songster69 said…
Must be my evil aura that drips with murderous intention <---- Got meh? You seem so sweet and innocent to me le!
Anonymous said…
i'm lucky i normally don't feel hungry when cosplaying and even so, i only buy finger foods so lol, not like the video eg.
most times i oblige when they ask. i've only rejected 2-3 times as i had to rush to the toilet to adjust my garter which was showing obviously and another when i was going to the bag storage.

could only remember some extremes:
- was leaning forward to pick up my bag from the floor. one uncle just came along, took, and went off
- *coughs* had to bring this up. was watching the stage performance, turned my head around and saw someone i know aiming his dslr at me. after that dispute trying to take a best picture (wtf?!)
Xiaobai said…
Something like that happened to Jiaer while we did Lost canvas during Toycon actually. We were on 'off' mode and sitting on the floor to have lunch, and this ang mo came along with a video cam and shot jiaer from behind, then moving OVER her head to her front (._. maybe he's trying to take a shot of her happy valley?!)

We were too stunned to say anything, but jiaer immediately turned around, and that guy just walked away WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. WTF.

During Cosfest, Toycon and GCA, I've experienced photogs taking photo of us while we were not ready as well. In the end I told my teammate to keep moving on the spot when we are not posing so that if anyone was taking photos, they'll get a lousy blurry one! 8D
tarepanda>> Sigh... I guess the photographers have their viewpoint but still...if it make sthe other party uneasy then I geuss it can't be excused =(

Dan>> EH ME TOO! Okay, now I realise I have such experiences too. Like from a distance if I spot them aiming their camera at me, I will deliberately turn around, touch my arms, dig into my bag etc so as not to give them a pretty picture XD

ShuuSHuu>> I find the 1st incident very rude lei=_=. But whats new sigh..

Xiaobai>> how close was the ang moh's lense from Jiaer's face? I hate the last part! They walk off without giving any explanation and the cosplayer end up becoming the dumbfounded idiot=_=
Dan the Farmer said…
Jiaer told me the experience; next time I demo on you bah 8]
DAN>> Eh...sounds really bad sia =_=|||
Ying said…
Why is she "fuckin'" this and that?

I would say that "TOO BAD.." Strangers are free to do what they want and just run off.

I do encounter that before and seen that done to my friends. (Mostly my friends got it la~ lol) What can we do?

Cosplayers seems to be of a "rare" thing like celebrities or entertainers. Of course the passer-bys will just "FUCKING" snap photos as and when they like.

I will say, get use to it. Or just play ignorant. Can't be help. Sometimes you just shoo them off they come back or worse, they will try to take you right in your face.

Just too bad we don't have much privacy once we are in costume.
himi said…
Yes. Too many, in fact:

- overheard someone openly criticising and doing a rundown on cosplayer's outfit.

- watched as someone shoved their camera phone in front of the cosplayer's face within close proximity without permission and then subsequently ran off.

- cosplayer was adjusting their costume/prop/wig/accessory and photographers just came along to take photos.

Usually in the above case, if I was the helper I would help by blocking out the camera "accidentally" :P

In any case, natural event shots- leave it for the normal event goers.

I've read articles that the reason why Japan events looks good is because they did as much as they can to prevent people from randomly shooting the crowds shooting cosplayers- and most people have to q/wait/ask for permission to shoot the coser (and they pose FOR YOU! worth the wait!)

*rolls off hill*
Himi> I didn't know they have such rules! OMG! The japanese have rules & regulations for EVERYTHING O-o:;
Valerie said…
Yeah jiaer that one was totally wtf. I was beside her and that guy's action was so fast and jiaer wasnt even prepared loh. ok fine, u like candid shots, but... permission/manners?
Valerie said…
oops, forgot to mention it was on toycon day 2... poor jiaer. day 1 she cosing lost canvas also kena. D:
Anonymous said…
i guess am not that good to have encountered random people taking pictures of me desperately like that XDD
but glomping yes
is very akward to have some random person hug you violently specially if the costume is delicate x3
and a lot of con goers do this
people go crazy in cons

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