New “Cosplay Photo of the Day” Segment?

I’ve been toying with the idea for some time but could never figure out whether this would work or if you guys would want to see it or not.

Okay, here comes the context establishment. As much as this blog is about Cosplay, I really feel that I’m not showcasing enough of it. In plain words, I’m not pimping as much awesome cosplay photographs as I ought to. And Cosplay’s all about the photographs!

19859_282807106028_569886028_3583238_791732_nDDDDD: !!!!!!!!!!??!?!!

It bugs me to no end yet at the same time, I know I can’t keep up with the pace Cosplayers all over the world are posting photos and churning new costumes. I’d hate to start something and not see to the end.

So I’m really just thinking of an easy and convenient way to present nice photos i find online for you guys. If I did it via series or character it will take me forever to search and comply as it did with the Kuroshitsuji post.

SO here comes the resolution or rather, question. Would you guys be keen to see random “Cosplay Photo of the day” from me? A short entry where I’ll pimp random cosplay photo that caught my eye and made me go gaga.


Comment and let me know PWEASE!!!!!! 



tusense said…
That sounds like it would be really cool!
Himi said…
I think random cosplay photo of the day would be nice! Like a few that caught your eye XD
oni said…
LOL b4 i comment any thing I gotta say your expression look dam gao xiao in this piccy haha totally PRICELESS !

random photo ?

Hmm instead of bringing random cosplayer photos why don't you put up something like a "old school cosplay photo of the day", (something like that kenshin cosplay photo of yours which you posted months ago) and write some comments about it. like how was the event at that time, your thoughts , wat constrain you guys were facing etc

I believe people who just join the community and people who's in the community for a long time would love to check out those photo.

This can also help your site to create it own unique culture and help bring back some nostalgic memories for the viewers :D.

(haha you can start by asking peps at the msn to contribute)

ps :lol oh and no worries i still visit your site quite regular(jia you on your blog).
Valtan said…
Definitely support! =D

Random photos sounds good! But if got something like "theme of the month" could make things challenging. =P

E.g. Theme of the month - Whacky

Can post photos from those crazy animes(FLCL, one piece, gintama etc),or whacky poses(omakes etc) by cosplayers if they are entertaining enough and fits the category(u have one above)~

Just a suggestion though. =)
allkhe said…
Cool idea, I think random would be good, and maybe a few lines on why you went gaga over it?

Or maybe feature a specific cosplayer and a few of his/her cosplays over a series of posts? Man, I don't know!
EmoedAura said…
I Approved on the "Cosplay of the Day" ... And i'm still LOLing at your D: face XD ...
Thanks for all the comment minna T_T!

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