Costume Interview: JiaGold Bustamante (Xenosaga)

Finally this is out! I’ve actually finished editing this video slightly before I finished editing Gin’s Bad Apple video. But I held off publishing it so as not to clash with the other event reports and partly also because i forgot to upload + was too lazy.

Photo credit: Oakultura

But anyway, it is finally here!! My costume interview with the very beautiful Kos-Mos cosplayer from Philippine who was also one of the winner of the “Asia Cosplay Meet” along with Frankie at Cosfest 2010.

Jia Gold’s winning performance at Cosfest 2010.

I only met her at the dome after the sun had went down. As the dome was really dark by then, it further illuminated(pun intended)  her LED lights clad costume.

Photo credit: The dot Hacker

With evilneo’s suggestion, I went up timidly to ask for an interview. And was gladly surprised she obliged! *hearts*

In case you didn’t watch the video, Jia Gold’s Kos-Mos costume cost her around SGD 240 and has more than 60 LED lights on it! And those lights had to be turned on manually, one-by-one.

I was definitely impressed by her costume and she was especially a sight to behold in the dimly lighted dome. I was also very blown away by her toy gun arm prop! Was really marveled by the intricate and realistic details and found it hard to believe any cosplayer can go so far for it.
Jia Gold later reveals that it was actually recycled from her brother’s old toy which was 12 years old! You see, this is the reason why it pays to be  a Garang Guni!
She also demonstrated how one needs to think out of the box when creating a costume that cannot possibly exist in this world. Remember people, anything can be part of a costume prop! Think!!
Photo credit: Phil Anime

Photo credit: JL Liew
Jia Gold came across as a very easy to talk to and down-to-earth person.  The photo to the right is her on Cosfest day1. She had actually approcahed Yuanie and myself (Kagamine Rin & Len) and asked for a photo too. Was definitely kinda cool to be  approached by such a pretty lady (OMG THIS SOUNDS SO WRONG WTF AM I SAYING AHAHAHA?!?!)
And interviewing her was such a pleasure. My only regret was not having better shots of her, not having better questions and not having a more conducive interview environment. 
As you could tell, it was really dark at the event hall, so I was using my own flash light to illuminate her. I’m sure the light was very uncomfortable (trust me, I blind myself every time I use it-_-). But she did a good job not letting it affect her.
Many many thanks to Jia Gold for accepting my impromptu interview request and I sincerely hope she enjoyed her experience in Singapore =)

P/s: Any Philippine readers knows if she has any online account or gallery? Would really like to let her see this entry as a way of expressing my appreciation ^^
p/p/s: I’m really regretting not printing out some TCC Business card to distribute. Maybe I should do that for the next event!


Kai Kuchiki said…
Hi! Greeting s from the Philippines!:D
I felt proud and curious when I read your post/blog, which led me to search for Jia's blog or internet page..o.o
BUt I don't think she has her own blog--or her blog is still wants to keep it private.I found a fanpage of her in Facebook though.

she also has her own private account in FB..
Hope that helps!
Kai Kuchiki said…
BY the way,She(Jia) also has a DA acct.(
Anonymous said…
Thx for the update

brother of jia:
Jac said…
Yay for Philippine cosplayers :D
kai kuchiki: Ah thanks for the comment and links abbe!!

Brother of Jia: Were you the star occean Ex cosplayer? Hope you had fun at SG and thks for the comment!

Jac: yay philippines xD
Jia Gold said…
Hi it's me Jia Gold .. hehee thnks for the wonderful article ...I really appreciate it ... :3 ...

wahh ur the girl who interviewed me in Singapore... hahah u also gave me chocolates ... oishii <3 ..!!! cool!!! ...

Are u the Luka of just be Friends cosplayer PV ??? OMG kakkoi!!!

please do Pm me in facebook ^_^

Thanks ,
Jia Gold (Kos-Mos)
~Panda said…
~Nice one jia .. and nice article ..

star ocean cosplayer was > lyron!/burikiboy?ref=ts

he is a fine craftsman ^^

to the author keep up the good work~

yay for team PH ^^
Kai Kuchiki said…
Kaika: you're welcome!:D

Jia: will you attend the Ozine encore?

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