Interview with Miccostumes + Some updates

Hi guys! Apologies for the slow updates recently, there just seemed to be so much stuffs to do and my body still aches from the wonderful time spent in Shanghai last weekend.

I still have to finish up my video & blog coverage of the Singapore at Shanghai but after that, I promised more photos from SOYC and I got you guys some souvenirs from Shanghai!!

I swear I have SO MUCH Things to give away I must stop sitting on them and hold a giveaway soon!

Anyway, Miccostumes did an interview with me, if you remember, I did a review of their costumes a while a go.

If you're interested to know my opinions about many Cosplay related topics, pop over to the Miccostume's blog for the interview. I must admit I am kinda puzzled by the choice of photographs used but oh wells @_@;;;


trzr23 said…
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Jac said…
wow they sure have initiative for their marketing :)

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