Japan Day 1 (Meiji Shrine & Harajuku)

Japan May 2011 007A magazine Ad of Ninomiya Kazunari from the super popular Johnny Junior band, Arashi! It was on a magazine in the Airport Limousine we took. Anyone have any idea what it’s advertising?

Continuing from my previous post about Namja Town and our awesome hotel room. This is the later half of our first day in NipponLand! Since we were on our own, day one’s itinerary was simple. Shopping!

But before that, I begged Cvy to visit the Meiji Shrine with me.

Japan May 2011 129

Walking from our hotel to the train station! Heroine Cvy totally leading the way!

Japan May 2011 128

The familiar Tokyo street view I’ve had only been able to see on TV is in front of me now o_o…

Anyway, We took a train from Ikebukuro to Harajuku and apparently, Meiji Shrine is just across the street from one of the train exit!.Japan May 2011 131

It was a really LONG and uncomfortable walk because of the pebbles on the ground. But the lush greenery was relaxing. And I'm sure the view would have been splendid if it was autumn.

Japan May 2011 136 
Camwhored with Cvy! WAI IS SHE SHO CUTE?!

And this is where the photos floods!

Japan May 2011 138Japan May 2011 139

Cvy looking really bored at the barrels of presumably, Sake.

Japan May 2011 140

Japan May 2011 141Japan May 2011 142

In front of a Tori! They were HUGE! I’ve never expected them to be so big! The pillars were easily twice of me.

Japan May 2011 143

My camera was going crazy with the overexposure =\

Japan May 2011 144

After like near 15 full minutes of walking on pebbles, we finally saw the temple!!

Japan May 2011 145Japan May 2011 134
Another Camwhore to do my tediously drawn makeup justice Open-mouthed smile I seriously need to brush up my camwhoring skills. Smile is awkward =_=

Japan May 2011 147The place where you cleanse yourself before entering the Shrine

Japan May 2011 148Japan May 2011 150


Japan May 2011 153Japan May 2011 154Japan May 2011 155

Male Miko???

Japan May 2011 163

And the famous wishing tree we always see in Anime!! You're supposed to pay 500yen for one of those wooden tabs and then hang them along with your inscribed wishes onto the rack. I didn’t do it because of my religious belief so ^^;;…

Japan May 2011 193Japan May 2011 167

Japan May 2011 176

Japan May 2011 169Japan May 2011 164

Japan May 2011 183

There was 3 sacred tree in the compound. One that is surrounded by a fence and all the wishing plaques. Another is these 2. It’s also fenced.


Japan May 2011 165Japan May 2011 181Japan May 2011 171Japan May 2011 162


Japan May 2011 185Japan May 2011 180

This part of the temple is apparently housing the most sacred object in the entire temple. And the security guard even had to stop me from taking photographs (in a very polite way of course).

Japan May 2011 186

Japan May 2011 188

Japan May 2011 190Japan May 2011 191


Japan May 2011 194

Check out the Mikos selling the souvenirs/ charms

Japan May 2011 203Japan May 2011 161

Cvy call me the Miko stalker =__=Japan May 2011 196Japan May 2011 170Japan May 2011 158

Japan May 2011 206Shrines and School girls. Can’t get any more Japanese than this!

Japan May 2011 208

Our way back out. 15more minutes of pebbles grinding.

Japan May 2011 209

Public phone booth near the entrance that are dressed to the theme xD

Japan May 2011 211

Me camwhoring with the Meiji Shrine and random Japanese School kids in the background  xD We were the last few to exit the Shrine hence the white gates. The shrine closes at around 5pm so make sure you get there early!

Japan May 2011 212I find myself unexplainably attracted to taking pictures of their Trains..

Japan May 2011 213

Another back pic of everyone’s favourite Cosplayer; Cvy dressing ever so fashionably and taking pictures.

Japan May 2011 217

And I present, Harajuku to you!

Japan May 2011 218

Japan May 2011 221

Japan May 2011 220

Pop Idol photographs & merchandise shop! They really do exist! No, we didn’t went in =\

Japan May 2011 222

Japan May 2011 223And Cvy finally found her Crepes store!

Japan May 2011 084

I've been reading about how wonderful the strawberry, cream and cheesecake crepe in Japan was so I didn't waste any time ordering one! Strawberry Cheesecake Crepe, Y450.

It was the BEST crepe I’ve ever eaten O_O! I’ve never been a fan of Crepes and it might be the cool weather that makes everything infinity more enjoyable.

But OMGOSHHHH the abundance of fresh cream, the dense flavour of the cheesecake, the sweet and sour tingle of the strawberry sauce and fruit coupled with the soft sweet crepe was HEAVENLY! I’m not a fan of cream but the cream here was so light and fluffy it was hard not to fall in love T_T I do admit it gets a little queasy towards the end but it was Y450 well spent.

Japan May 2011 086

Cvy ordered Cheese & Smoked Salmon, Y500 (?). It was awesome as well. I mean, cheese and smoked salmon, how far can you get ?!

Japan May 2011 227Japan May 2011 229

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures of Harajuku because I was lazy. But after that we went to Daiso and lugged a bunch of stuffs back.

Japan May 2011 233

Harajuku Station entrance was full of TegoMass Concert DVD posters!! I’m sorry the picture is so bad, there was too much people and Cvy kept walking away too fast >.< Spot her distance from me >.<??? #$%^&

Japan May 2011 234Japan May 2011 235

<3 Masuda!!!

Japan May 2011 238Japan May 2011 239

And we ended our day with our first dinner in Japan, Saizeriya along the bustling roads of Ikebukuro=_=; Food was good but it was a bad decision. Should have gone for Ramen or something more traditional but we didn’t spot any along the way. Sigh…

Japan May 2011 260

My loot from day one. All Daiso stuffs ToT

Japan May 2011 262Japan May 2011 263Japan May 2011 264Japan May 2011 265

Will be giving these Evangelion chocolates away soon! Stay tuned!


katz, kathy said…
oh ur trip sounds very educational and fun! X3 i have yet to see Japan, that's gonna be a long dream for me..

Kai kuchiki said…
The trip looks fun! I want to try that crepe too!:3

しチよ said…
ASDJKLFS I went to the same shrine and Harajuku area crepe shop! I WALKED THE FLOOR ELPHEAL WALKED- *shot* Although I w-went there last year rather than this year.

Jaapaaaan. ;A;
Anonymous said…
Er, Arashi is not a Junior band. Junior is only used for JE boys who have not "graduated" to perform in a group/band/duo.

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