STGCC 2011, Kipi moment

*Edited with video*


Kipi’s Blog:

I saved the best for the last. The biggest reason why I spent $10 good dollars for entrance ticket at 4pm was to get a chance to meet Kipi !



After our accidental meeting on Saturday, it sparked a hope of possibly meeting her again the next day. So, like all the other foreign guests, I decided to get her a souvenir. (My theory: If I don’t think I’ll get a chance to meet the guest, it would be pointless for me to get them a souvenir )

AFAX2010_WIP 011AFAX2010_WIP 008

Last year I got Kaname a bottle of Kaya spread and the year before Bakwas and mini fried Shrimp rolls. Alodia got a small Merlion plushie keychain with postcards. Angela, the other AFARCC and Animax Halloween party participants all got a Singapore keychain. Maria and I also gave Takasou and Darknight a box of Mooncakes. Aira is the only one I forgot =x

(.... Haha I didn't realise I gave out so much stuffs OoO; )


Anyway, i gave Kipi these. Mini roasted pig Mooncakes with lotus paste filling. After reading her interview about the fruit jam, I'm now afraid she might not eat this at all =.=|||||||

Insanely blur picture of the fans mobbing around the stage area.

Cut the story short, after the Cosplay competition ended, like all the other hopeful fans, I gathered around the stage fence for a chance to meet her.



This is my loot. Signed event brochure. Oh, the 2 items behind are also stuffs I got from STGCC ^^;;;

Photograph by Desmond Lui of the Neo Tokyo Project as part of their Photo Documentary project

Remember what I said about cosplaying to meet Kipi xD? My strategy worked *coughschemingcough* and she squealed when she saw my Haruhi cosplay ( Kudos to Fandom yeahs! ) xD

I requested for her to sign my brochure and after that I gave her the Omiyage. She then thanked me in a spontaneously cute manner and proceed to grab my digital camera for a picture together *score points*.

Don't believe? I have it on, guess what? VIDEO!!!!



I must admit, I didn’t start off as a Kipi fan. But this experience have definitely been positive and Kipi, according to every single person who have met her, is adorably nice and hard to hate.


Which reaffirmed a thought I have about life. No matter how far you get in life, never forget your humility. People don’t respect talent, they respect someone who respects them.

Inuran took a polaroid with her!

And thus I end my perfect STGCC experience. Peace out!


z3LL said…
nice strategy XD
~+~ Chai ~+~ said…
Surely lucky! Good thing you met Kipi! She really seems nice! :)
Melody said…
AHhh I'm so jelly !
I wanna meet Kipi *__* She's so pretty and such a good cosplayer <3
pohcbSonic said…
strategy proves effective. =)
She is very cute! and her costume looks elegant and beautiful.
Shadow said…
I'm happy for you to meet Kipi Face to face :) And I'm happy that you use my Photo too :D
-ShadowNinja Kai (AKA Shadow)
valxonia said…
I totally agree with you!
I was not much of a Kipi fan, but after meeting her in real I just fall for herr friendliness and cuteness!!

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