1000 Paper cranes for Japan ( Gifting at the Embassy)

For those of you who follow TCC's facebook. You'd have known that on the 8th August, Rescend and I made our way down to the Japanese Embassy.

In case you're not aware, 4 months ago, TheCosplayChronicles and OmakeStudios embarked on a donation drive for the Earthquake and Tsunami stricken Japan. More information here and here.


Part of the campaign was also to fold a 1000 paper origami (cranes) and have it eventually hung into a Japan flag.
After 4 long months, we're finally ready to gift the paper cranes and money.



Despite the awkwardness, we managed to braved it and brought you guys the video footages above!

220942_10150260644275299_664585298_9187555_650717_oI must say, the whole journey was really tough. For someone who has the concentration span of a 7 years old, being able to sit through all those mundane cranes folding was a BIG feat.

Of course, one thousand is a big number and I'd never have completed it alone. I'd have to thank the numerous friends who gathered and helped fold the cranes on so, so many occasion. You won't believe how much cranes folding was integrated into my life and the lives of my friends who hung out with me.

My biggest take away from this project is the comforting thought that I'm doing the right thing and that I have many awesome friends who are willing to brave it with me.  I'd list out the names but I'd bore you guys so I better not ^^;

And of course, the drive wouldn't have been possible if The Japanese Tsubasa Club hadn't been so supportive of it. The idea and proposal was submitted to them rather late but they still made way for it because they're awesome like that. So pop over to their site and beg them to bring SOY back!



Last but not least, a big thank you to all of you who came by and supported us at SOYC!!! Thank you for being part of the project, I'm sure Japan appreciates our support!


Bonni Rambatan said…
Aww, that's really sweet! :) This is why we love you! <3 One reason anyway! :3
pohcbSonic said…
Oh yeah, still remembered. 5 cranes, plus 1 broken one. XD
viospace said…
awww this is so lovely.
good job to you and Rescend!!
re-posted this on my blog if you don't mind. :333


well done! (Y)
Envy said…
Yay glad that this is finally completed and I hope it reached them!

I've seen photos of drawings & posters of love and support taken by volunteers who went to help in the affected areas. I hope that seeing all these will give the victims hope & the courage to live on.
reiko said…
It's a really sweet gesture. I'm sure it will help the people from Touhoku in basic areas that will pave the way for a brighter future!

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