COSPLAY: The Series , Interview with Ayu & Bando

In line with the release of COSPLAY: The Series Season 2, The Cosplay Chronicles and CTS will be bringing you guys a set of exclusive interview with the cast from CTS2.

In this interview, I’ve had the good chance to talk to the actress of Ayu and Bando. Click here to read the interview I did with Agnesya, Annisa and Anya .





TCC: How did you get the role and what was your first reaction/thought?

AI: I got offered to play this role by Kazu, and she told me the part I had to play was just like me! So my first reaction was, “Wait, am I really like that?” *laughs*

AS: I joined casting, and it so happens that the role I had to play sort of fits me, only in a much more hyperbolic way! I still like jumping around and laugh a lot, so the challenge was to tune those down and get into a very gloomy character.


TCC: Did you have to sacrifice anything (school, homework, club activities, work, partners, family, etc) to take part in this series?

AI: Not really! Just some simple schedule rearrangements was necessary, but that was it.

AS: Yup! First, obviously I don’t get to go out much, because the series was pretty much shot at my places. Regarding assignments from my studying, it definitely needs a lot of time management but it had to be done!


TCC: How was the whole filming process like? Describe with details :D!

AI: I didn’t really understand what was going on! It was just so full of meticulous details and considerations about angles and sounds and everything!

BR: *laughs* Especially because we were working with no equipment whatsoever!

AS: I’d never actually met the director or any of the crews when we started, we just talked online. I was even still not familiar with some of the cosplayers in the project! But we got closer as we progress. As Associate Producer and the person responsible for the set, it was also my job to make sure everyone gets fed!

The process was interesting because we simply make use of whatever was available. It was tiring because we had to run all over the place to rearrange all the properties so that things make sense, but all of that was worth it seeing the end results and knowledge we all gained.


TCC: Have you ever acted before? How was it like to be an actor/actress?

AI: Only in cabarets, does that count? *laughs* It’s not easy of course, and sometimes it’s especially hard in front of the camera!

AS: Yes, at my school’s theater club. I always performed in every school event. But my role is usually that of either the loud narcissistic female or the one who gets bullied all the time, so this one was very different.

Acting in front of the camera is also very different than on stage. Theater performances usually require hours of intense training, while in our process it was on set improvisation that mattered, how you acted right then and there, and you just repeat the scene until you get it right. It was hard! *laughs* It’s a good thing I can memorize the script!


TCC: How was it like working with Bonni Rambatan/ Producer and the entire crew?

AI: It was fun!!! I was really excited about it, because Bonni had a great story!! I also love the fact that he used my songs as a couple of the soundtracks! *laughs* I loved the entire crew, too, they were very helpful!

BR: Ayu here is the lead singer of Celestial Dreams Project and a couple of other popular bands in Bandung. We’re all thrilled to have her songs in the series!

AS: It was exciting!! Each and everyone jokes around all the time, but when we start working, they got all serious and professional. They were also very patient to get the perfect shot, even if we had to do the scene over and over again! We’re not professional actors, so I guess that is bound to happen.


TCC: Okay, something totally different. What’s your favourite Ice cream and why?

AI: Chocolate! I love chocolate, it’s a part of my life... *laughs*

AS: I like chocolate, but on a hot day I prefer those fresh, acid-y ones, ones with bright colours, simply because they’re more mouth watering!


TCC: Which Anime/Manga/Game character would you date and why?

AI: I’ve never really thought about it... But I do love Inuyasha.

AS: Hmm... I’m not sure... I think I was once in a very big crush with Inuyasha, because he’s cute, handsome, strong, childish, and a shundere! *laughs*

TCC: How do you feel about girls like Ayu in Real Life? Ayu didn’t have much scenes in Season 1, would she be making more appearances in Season 2?

AI: I think she’s amazing because she isn’t shy about using her assets to help her friends! *laughs* I don’t want to judge her flirtatious side, but I do find the character interesting. I do hope to get more appearances in Season 2! *laughs*


TCC: She seems quite the shady character doesn’t she? Do you think you would be able to befriend someone like her in real life? I mean, getting connected with her frequency is difficulty by itself.

AS: Yeah... I can’t really tell since I’ve never met anyone quite like her in real life. But I think I’ll be cool with her, because I’m not picky when it comes to friends, as long as they don’t bother me. Also, we both like psycho stuff anyway, like playing around with paper cutters! Maybe we can go out to see psycho movies together! *laughs*

BR: Fadli and I never stop smiling at how extremely well (and scary) Chizu imitates Bando! *laughs* I’m not sure what I was going to get when I opened casting for the “guro girl,” but then I saw Chizu, and she was perfect! I think naturally Chizu is already connected with Bando’s frequency! *laughs*


TCC: Tell us something about yourself that is totally different from your character!

AI: I don’t like to flirt with old men!! *laughs*

AS: I like bright colours, although I also like black. Sometimes I really like to be feminine, with a dress, high heels and makeup. I like joking and simply being noisy with friends, and I’m actually pretty scared of ghosts and zombies!


TCC: How far do you think Cosplay: The Series would go?

AI: I think it’s already gone pretty far, so I can only hope the best for the series... It’s really great.

AS: We will keep going far and hopefully even get adapted into larger projects in the industry!


TCC: Does the series have any affect on your life?

AI: No, I try to keep my personal life separate.

AS: Well, I get more busy and I gained a lot of new friends! *laughs*


TCC: What kind of future do you foresee for the hobby ‘Cosplay’?

AI: Hmm, I think almost every country now has a cosplay community, right? I think people are getting more and more creative, and I love seeing them and seeing the growth and development.

AS: Cosplay will be one of the most desired hobbies because it can really push your creativity forward, and also because it can bring us closer to those with a similar passion, wherever they may be in the world. People will also understand more about cosplay, and the reason we do it.


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