Good Smile Cafe (Madoka Puella Magica)

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It was my main agenda to make my Animax Musix trip to Japan an Otaku adventure. The plan was to visit as much themed cafes and Otaku hideout as we could. But truth be told, I didn't know there was a Madoka Cafe until the night before, a Japanese fellow Otaku whom we met through mutual friends enlightened me xD

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According to him, that place is always flooded. So I guess we were lucky to enter at a really empty slot and didn't need any queuing xD


The Madoka Cafe was actually the Good Smile Cafe but dressed up to the Maho Shoujo theme. At the moment, it is also sharing a menu with Type-Moon.

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The Good Smile / Madoka cafe is located at the AKIBA Culture Zone building. It took us so much trouble to find it because the map we got from said Japanese friend ( Thanks Masa!) was too brief! And to make matters worse, we mistook the JR station for our Tokyo Subway Station LOL. Apparently, AKIBA Culture Zone is like the newest landmark but hell would some aliens ( Foreigners) know that =_= ;;


The nearest JR station is Akihabara. Further down, there is also the Tokyo Subway, Hibiya Line (akihabara). Other than the cafe, other levels of the AKIBA Culture Zone building also caters to Otakus by supplying a wide array of merchandises. According to, the building itself is a one stop shopping paradise for Otakus. Carrying products ranging from Figurines, books, T-shirts to even clothes for fashionable Otakus.

I said ‘according’ because yours truly barely had time to shop around the building. But from the little I see, I can tell was not lying ( XD)

The Goodsmile cafe is on the 5th floor.

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The menu features a fair amount of variety. Ranging from full meals to desserts and cocktail. Surprisingly, no cover charge is applied!!!!!!!!!!!

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And of course, the food is dressed to theme xD check out the Kyubi curry rice xD

nov11_Japan 988

We didn't feel hungry and certainly didn't have the time to linger so we only ordered drinks.

nov11_Japan 989nov11_Japan 998

I ordered the Sayaka drink while Zephyus ordered the Blue Jelly. Complimentary with each order, is a Madoka paper coaster which the waitress very sensibly, hands you instead of putting under your drink xD

nov11_Japan 1052

We also observed them giving full meal ordering customers, Kyubeh paper mat xD Such a nice touch eh?

The entire cafe is filled with Good Smile nendroids and figmas. There is also related Madoka merchandise, sketches and wall decorations. Photo flood!


All in all, this is definitely a comfortable Otaku chilling place that not only allows photography but is affordable too! And of course, it is a must go to place for any Madoka Fans at Akihabara.

P/s: Yes, it was very embarrassing to snap so many photographs there even thought Photography is allowed T_T


Benkei Arishima said…
wooww XDD
i want to go there too, if i can go to japan XDD

looks so delicious and affordable

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