Cosfest X.2 (Day 2, Cosplay Photo Pimps 2)

Yes! More Cosplay photos for you guys to oogle at! I must say even though my Canon Ixus HS1000 can be pretty embarrassing to use when interviewing people. It really is a nice dainty camera that produce fairly good pictures! But of course, picture below have already been processed so, uh yeah. I think I just took an arrow to my knee.

More photographs from the event:

Day 2 of the highly anticipate Cosfest X.2 was like day 1, extremely humid=_=. Even in my light clothes I could feel myself melting into a puddle.

Cosfest 26 feb 12 240
With the very pretty Kirisaki & Shizuka! I realise this is the only photo of myself with a Cosplayer so , uh yeah.

I’m delighted to say that over the last few years, the quality of Costumes have improved significantly. I guess this is a sign that everyone now has access to TaoBao XD Anyway, a big thank you to all the cosplayers that posed for me and smiled at my camera Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy the pictures and remember to comment. It took a lot of effort to edit them T_T!


Meru said…
Thank you for the pretty pictures!
I hope that Cosplay is preserved for the many years to come..

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